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Power Core

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Power Core
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Sell Price:
A powerful source of... power. This has been said to provide a one-time boost to re-entering irradiated regions.
*Note - Power Cores obtained from Events sell for 0c


Power Cores are a usable item that provides a Status Effect allowing a player to re-enter the wasteland immediately if they die while active.


Use Item

If a player has fully trained their Intermediate Item Study Ability, a Power Core can be used from the players Inventory by clicking 'Use Item' from the Inventory Screen. Upon use, the player will receive the Power Core Status Effect.

Power Core - The timer to enter wasteland after dying is removed for one entry only. (Lasts for 5 Minutes)

  • After use, there is a 1 hour cooldown before the player is able to use another Power Core again to receive this Status Effect.


The item can be acquired from:

  • As a drop from War Machine in the Raid XP Challenge: War Machine
  • Opening a Power Crate
  • Purchased from other Players in the Market
  • Holiday Events