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Platinum is an in game currency which replaced Subscription Time. With Platinum you can buy extra features. Most of those are permanent but some items are only a temporary boost. The big difference between Subscription Time and Platinum is that there is no time limit, platinum does not go down!


Platinum is the 'premium' currency within Legacy. Before Platinum there was Subscription Time, when you bought Subscription Time, either from players with credits or from Legacy with cash, it would slowly go down until there was none left. Unlike Subscription Time, Platinum does not go down. In the old system when you had subscription time available you would have a number of benefits, Special Outfits, Faster Ability Training, A Badge and Banner, Forum Title, Double Inventory Space, Friends List, Battle Clinic, Cheaper Tokens, Longer Lasting Items and Drops, Max Energy Increased, and No Account Deletion. If you still had any Subscription Time Left it was traded into Platinum automatically when the switch over was made on the 19th May 2011.

How do I get Platinum

You can purchase it from OneBip or Paypal, or you can buy it from players for credits. It can be purchased from players in bundles of 100 platinum, with prices per 100 varying based on the status of the market. If you decide to buy Platinum from either Paypal or OneBip, the prices are below.

Amount of Platinum Price Per 1500 Total Price
1,500 $1.33 $1.33
3,000 $1.21 $2.42
6,000 $1.16 $4.64
12,000 $1.07 $8.56
24,000 $1.03 $16.48
48,000 $1.01 $32.32
96,000 $0.99 $63.36

You can buy Platinum from OneBip from 6 different countries, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia, Denmark, or the Netherlands.

Amount of Platinum Price Per 100 Total Price
[UK Only] 2,850 £0.05 £1.50
[UK Only] 6,390 £0.05 £3.00
[UK Only] 10,230 £0.05 £5.00
[US Only] 2,300 $0.13 $2.99
[US Only] 3,090 $0.13 $3.99
[US Only] 4,620 $0.13 $5.99
[US Only] 7,710 $0.13 $9.99
[CAN Only] 4,830 $0.10 $5.00
[CAN Only] 9,700 $0.10 $10.00
[CAN Only] 14,500 $0.10 $15.00
[CAN Only] 19,350 $0.10 $20.00
[AUS Only] 4,870 $0.14 $6.60
[AUS Only] 9,740 $0.14 $13.20
[AUS Only] 14,650 $0.14 $19.80
[DEN Only] 1,560 Kr 0.64 Kr 10.00
[DEN Only] 4,870 Kr 0.62 Kr 30.00
[DEN Only] 9,750 Kr 0.62 Kr 60.00
[DEN Only] 12,900 Kr 0.62 Kr 80.00
[NETH Only] 1,850 € 0.08 € 1.50
[NETH Only] 3,740 € 0.08 € 3.00
[NETH Only] 5,640 € 0.08 € 4.50
[NETH Only] 7,490 € 0.08 € 6.00

Platinum Store

Platinum Store

When you go to the Platinum Store you can buy items and upgrades for yourself and others. There are 5 categories, which are all explained below.

Unlocks - New things for your account that will last for as long you have it.

Expanded Energy - Increases the energy cap from 6,000 to 7,500.

Friends List - Can be found under the Community tab, on the main bar.

Expanded Inventory - Opens an extra 10 slots in the inventory.

Permanent Account - You will never be deleted from the game automatically.

Boosts - Temporary bonuses that last a week and can be stacked to last longer.

Trade Boost - Increases the amount of trades on new items from 2 to 3.

Token Boost - Increases the daily token amount to 75 and decreases the price of tokens at the Token Exchange by 5 credits.

Learning Boost - Increases the rate at which abilities are learned by +2 per hour.

Changes - Changes part of your account or character you could not normally change.

6 Inventory Slots - Adds 6 extra inventory slots to your account.

3 Storage Slots - Adds 3 extra storage slots to your Market Stand.

Sex Change - Changes the gender of your in-game character.

Name Change - Changes your account name, can only be done once every six months.

Outfits - Outfit items for use in Character Design, level requirements apply.

Lots of different choices here, check them out.

Misc - Special items, be sure to read the description well as they're all different.

Pink Paint - Puts an item in your inventory that will allow you to turn another item pink.

Smiley Pack - Unlocks 5 new animated smilies for use on our forums, messages, side chat, warfare chat, gang news and blog comments

Gold Paint - Puts an item in your inventory that will allow you to gold plate another item.

Smiley Pack 2 - Unlocks 8 new smilies for use on our forums, messages, side chat, warfare chat, gang news and blog comments.

Bundles - Multiple items of a similar nature that can be bought all together at a discounted price.

Many different choices here, mostly clothing, but other items are bundled here as well, check them out.

Trading With Platinum

Platinum Trading

You can now buy and sell items at the market with platinum, in the market square, items will still decrease in a trade point per exchange.

If you buy platinum from other players you cannot then sell it back on the platinum market. There are two types of platinum, bound and unbound. When you first buy platinum for cash it is bound meaning you can then sell it to players. If you buy platinum from players it turns into unbound platinum, you cannot resell, you can only use it.

If someone does decide to buy platinum that you have put on sale, then you will receive a message saying:

Frequently Asked Questions

- What is Platinum? Platinum is a replacement to our subscription service, you can buy it with credits, OneBip, or even PayPal!

- What can I do with it? You will be able to trade it in, either for permanent upgrades on your account, or temporary things like token boosts!

- Who's this "Somebody" that keeps buying from me? We're not haunted! We just respect players privacy and have changed the way people buy platinum.

- So.. Selling Platinum? You can sell it on the Market, we advise all players to do this as trading via the bank cannot guarantee your deal going quite as you planned! You can also now sell items from the Market for platinum!

- Two types of WHAT? Yes there are two types of platinum, bound and... unbound! Bound is platinum that is sent to you or bought with credits, this stops people Market hogging and buying cheap platinum and charging double. Unbound is platinum with no chains attached!

- I can't buy stuff yet... We will be making the shop live ASAP - Just wait! - Platinum isn't going down? Indeedy! With this new system there is no time limit!

- Old Subtime Your subtime has been traded or converted into Platinum for you!

- Where can I find the Friends list? It's located under the Communiy tab.

- Why do I have access to stuff .. I have no platinum! We have given inventory and friends list free for a few days!


Every year, Platinum goes on sale for a short while around Christmas. In 2019, the sale started on December 20th, and carried on until January 3rd of the following year. This sale gives +25% the amount of platinum on any purchase, and the $20, $40, and $60 deals will also include Christmas Crackers.