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Pie's Legacy Autobiography

Staff History!

Well.. I was first hired as a chat mod... I can't remember how long ago now, must have been February of 2007. This was back when Vader was in charge of hiring chat mods and stuff, so it was a long time ago now, considering Vader has been deleted...

Anyway, I did that for quite some time before being hired onto the Staff team by Deeg in September '08. I was put into the position of Account's Admin, which I was pretty happy with. I did this job for seven months before I felt that I could no longer do it, for personal reasons, and subsequently left the Staff team.

I got hired again, by Lucas this time, who gave me my old Staff position back, which I am thankful for. It's not often you are allowed back onto the Staff team for a second time after leaving once, but I was lucky enough to be hired again.

After some time as Accounts Admin, I was transferred to Community for a little while. This was fun, and I had a good time dealing with the Mods and Guides that were on the team. A short time after this, Lucas left the Staff team, leaving the Staff Manager position open. I was set as his replacement, becoming the next Staff Manager.

I stood down from this role in February 2011.

I took up a position as Guide in March 2020.

The next time I would become Staff would be in September 2020. I was hired by Will as the Community & Wiki Admin.

Player History!

Well I signed up on the 1st May 2006, and when I signed up, I was level 1. Amazing, I know.

Anyway, I was a really slow leveler, and I worked at hacking, so i pretty much sucked at the game. It took me about 2 and a half years to get to Avatar, and it was a groundbreaking moment when I did, because it had took me so long.

A very short while after this, to the annoyance of some people that had been avatar longer, I got a Scythe drop, which I was very happy about. Although it didn't really make that much of a difference because shortly after this, I was hired onto the Staff Team (See Left).

My second stint as player came after I left the Staff Team, but this time I leveled very slow :D When I got rehired onto the Staff Team I was level 31 I think, but yeah. It was fun, but I prefer being a Staff to being a player, and it just so happens that I am good at my department.

I became a full time player again in February 2011, becoming avatar again shortly after.

I would become VH in September of 2020, keeping my player status while also helping out the game in an official capacity.

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