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Commander/Leader: Council elected figurehead, spokesmen and leader of the gang.


Rank Description Name(s) Description
Leader Commander Samcro Council elected figurehead, spokesmen and leader of the gang.
Council (5) : The Alliance dagreek, Aaron, Samcro, Shade, - Member elected council, make all decisions about the gang.
Ambassador (1) : Messenger GAGANB In charge of diplomatic relations and communication with other gangs.
Law Enforcer (1) : Blade Master Mikasa Upholder of gang rules, judge, jury and executioner.
War Advisor (1) : Gunslinger Merlin In charge of offensive strategies against enemy gangs.
Economic Advisor (1) : Debt Collector Neltharion Member of the gang leadership and assistant to the council.
Novice Master (1) : Taskmaster Tricks In charge of novices and novice helpers.
Novice Helper (5) : Mentor Draegor, Benga, TheEndOf, westham, - Dedicated to helping new members learn the ropes.
Rank 10 : Bounty Hunter N/A Possibly older and more popular than the council members.
Rank 9 : Mercenary N/A Old as dirt and been in this gang since he was a little kid.
Rank 8 : Visionary N/A Long time member of the gang and all around old guy.
Rank 7 : Vigilante N/A Popular member who has received a lot of gang favor.
Rank 6 : Forsaken N/A Dedicated member that can apply for leadership positions within the gang.
Rank 5 : Fugitive N/A Veteran member, with the power to cast judgement on other people's actions.
Rank 4 : Renegade N/A Full member, can help make decisions. No chance of leadership yet though.
Rank 3 : Rebel N/A New member, however still with little say over gang politics.
Rank 2 : Thief N/A Basic member access, no real say in the running of the gang.
Rank 1 : Disowned N/A Novice rank and entry rank for new members of the gang.

Basic Info

A long time ago 3 gangs were created: Blade of Dawn, The Chapter and Dark Flame. However, not everyone in these gangs were happy. They had too many rules to deal with and felt that they needed freedom. Those people joined together in mass alliance to create a new gang, The Outcasts, a gang which enabled them to be free as well as united. The Outcasts value freedom over everything else and fight to preserve it.

Gang Description: People who do not fit anywhere else, with a huge array of abilities they joined together to form their own gang. Although unpredictable in nature, their main focus is on advancing technology and merging their human bodies with the mechanical. Leadership: Chaotic Democracy

Members of Outcasts cannot be kicked for voicing their opinions as long as it is done within the game rules and they do not make their arguments personal and insult people.

However, they can be disfavored for lack of respect to their fellow Outcasts.

This sits within the guide lines of how Zorg wanted the gang to run. The biggest ideal of the gang is freedom of speech; however, the progression of members within the gang will be based on how respectful they are with that freedom.


A fun way to earn favor in the Outcasts is through the completion of missions, which consist of various tasks such as getting a certain amount of experience, hunting points, wins, etc. in a single week, leveling a certain number of times in a week, defeating hunting characters, among other various tasks. These missions are divided up first by level, with the Medal Missions being reserved for levels 1-20 and the Star Missions for levels 21-80. Then, they are divided up by difficulty, the least difficult being bronze, the next most difficult being silver, and finally, the most difficult being gold.

But after a re-try of missions in OC, Scott later decided it wasn't working and closed missions. There has been talk that they will return later in the year. Now in 2009 they are back up and running because of the new taskmaster Korey.

Other Links

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Staff Rep


There currently is no Staff Rep for this gang.

Past Reps:

Gang Achievements

Screenshot 1 shows when we took over all 3 of the neutral objectives, OC being the 2nd gang to do this after Dark Flame.


Hover your mouse over the following screenshots to see more of our achievements.

This shows when we dominated the Wasteland and one squared 2 gangs at once A screenshot of the wasteland during GreenFest 2011 Outcasts successfully 1 square all 3 other gangs in 1 day Outcasts imitate the Great Wall of China with the Great Wall of OC

Wasteland Trophies
Cup3.gif WL AWARD 2011.png OC points for the map - 3,525,870. The most wl points per map to-date! WL AWARD 2011.png Cup5.png
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