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Chat with Lund

Please also see Voting System for the Original Version of this System.

  • Chatting with Lund becomes available on the hour on every even hour e.g. 2pm, 4pm, 6pm etc.. For some reason, chatting with the guy makes you feel better.
  • Chatting with Lund will gain you points (Maximum of 75 at a time) that can be redeemed for a full Revive, or Energy in increments of 100 or 500.

Lund Points.PNG

Rewards for Chatting

While the Primary Reward for Chatting with Lund is having someone to talk to and discuss important topics in exchange for Health or Energy, you can also receive Banners to be found on your Player Profile page in the Honor tab.

  • Note that these Banners replace themselves as the next level is reached and will not all appear on your Player Profile.

Lund Banners.PNG