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The Syndicate

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System Removed
This article is about a system/item in or around the game that has been removed. Any information on this page may be out of date. It's just kept for historical purposes!

The Syndicate, found in Sector 1, contains the following:

  • Game Version
  • Voting Booth
  • Question Hour
  • Legacy ID Cards

Game Version

The Game Version, which is displayed above the other links in the Syndicate, shows the current version of the game and the most recent fixes and upgrades. You can also view previous updates and future plans by clicking on the corresponding buttons at the bottom of the Game Version page.


Voting Booth

The Voting Booth is where you can participate in the current poll, the results of which are used to improve the game. The Voting Booth is also accessible on the Main Page.


Question Hour

Back when Legacy was first started every month or so, a Question Hour was held on Online Chat, during which Zorg and some of the staff answered questions submitted by users. During that time, chatting by players was disabled, as stated on the Question Hour page. It was on the Question Hour page that a user could submit a question for the next scheduled Question Hour or look at the Question Hours logs of previous Question Hours, both of which are posted above the question submission box.

Question Hour.png

Legacy ID Cards

On the Legacy ID Cards page, there is a pre-made Legacy ID Card featuring your character with their picture, level, HP, gang affiliation, and current items. Users can put their Legacy ID Cards in their signatures on other forums across the internet by copying and pasting the code provided on the page into their signature.