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Large Pink Crystal

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Large Pink Crystal
Large Pink Crystal.png
Large Preview
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Sell Price:
This special socketable crystal is from the crystal entities that roam around in an alternate dimension. It can be upgraded or slotted in to an item.
*Note - When dropped by Ventrix, it will only sell for 50c


A large crystal in the Pink Crystal family, providing 12% more D. Skill to any equipment it's socketed in.

  • It takes 4 Large Pink Crystals to make a Perfect Pink Crystal.

Crystal Family

Crystal Socket Boost Special Notes
Pink Crystal Fragment Fragment N/A
Pink Crystal Shard Shard N/A
Small Pink Crystal Small +4% D. Skill Drops from Ventrix sell for 50c
Medium Pink Crystal Medium +8% D. Skill Drops from Ventrix sell for 50c
Large Pink Crystal Large +12% D. Skill Drops from Ventrix sell for 50c
Giant Pink Crystal Giant +16% D. Skill
Perfect Pink Crystal Perfect +20% D. Skill



Large Pink Crystals will provide a 12% increase to any equipment's D. Skill when socketed.

2 Large Pink Crystals can be combined in the Players Inventory to make a Giant Pink Crystal.


A Large Pink Crystal can be split into 1x Medium Pink Crystal and 1x Small Pink Crystal at the Shadow Facility in Sector 2

  • For 480 Platinum you can split a Large Pink Crystal into 2 Medium Pink Crystals


Large Pink Crystals can be removed from Equipment at Joe's Merchandise for either 1,000 Item XP or 100 Platinum.


The item can be acquired from: