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System Removed
This article is about a system/item in or around the game that has been removed. Any information on this page may be out of date. It's just kept for historical purposes!

Hey, and welcome to the Wiki for official Legacy Radio Dj's Jolly and Chipedwood. We started making our first demo on Tuesday 26th September. However in due time ... we stopped making them and now it is all history.

We used to make a radio show based on the spam forums before they were removed and our personalities. The first demo turned out really well, considering it was all improvised.

Okay, we had about 60 regular listeners to our show, so we had some sort of fanbase, heh. Unfortunately in the Server Move in 2007 all our shows were lost.

Past Jollywood Show Data
Show Date Aired
Jollywood 1 October 4th 2006
Jollywood 2 October 11th 2006
Jollywood 3 October 25th 2006
Jollywood 4 November 9th 2006
Jollywood 5 December 14th 2006
Jollywood 6 December 23rd 2006
Jollywood 7 January 10th 2007
Jollywood 8 January 25th 2007

Sample script

Chipedwood peni or many penis

Jolly: -Shrugs-

Jolly: Added any to the Wiki?

Jolly: I think we should

Chipedwood: peni?

Jolly: I think we should do a little sample script to go on it?

Jolly: Peni, yeah

Chipedwood: you want to add peni to the wiki

Jolly: .....

Chipedwood: :/ sample script

Jolly: Yeah

Jolly:Like we just start a conversation like we would on the show

Jolly: on msn

Jolly: and then stick it on the wiki

Chipedwood: Ugg *hits club against wall then moaps off in search of rabbits to kill*

Jolly: Well if your gonna be like that, you aren't coming to my birthday party

Jolly: Which is in a week

Jolly: (I'm not having a party, but still)

Chipedwood: lol but i'm shleepy

Jolly: Pfft, We've started now.

Chipedwood: started what

Jolly: A fight, thats what.

Chipedwood: you want a fight!

Jolly: Thats what I said! Foo'

Chipedwood: Foo' shizzle. *sharpens knuckle duster*

Jolly: But i said "Foo'". People run from that.

Chipedwood: yes PEOPLE do

Jolly: I forgot you were machine

Jolly: Darn it.

Chipedwood: muhahahaha

Chipedwood: now i shall vend you mars bars until your die

Jolly: No, but the nougatty center will make me fat

Jolly: Please Baron Chipedwood, spare this humble farmer

Chipedwood: i also dispense Pepsi milk

Jolly: Where did this milk s**t come from?

Jolly: -Cowers-

Jolly: Anyway, i'm gonna go eat some pie

Photo Gallery

These are photos of the boys at 'work'

Jolly sat at the desk where we record
Thats me Chipedwood at the desk
Thats the computer we use and the erm extras spread around
Thats Jolly on the left Chipedwood in the middle and THE GUITAR on the right
Thats Jolly on the left and Chipedwood on the right!! I know the guitars sexy no need to tell me
This is what I (Chipedwood) was doing to the Dr. Pepper can in show 7
This is the imp featured in show 7