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Haunted Mansion Stories/04/Ch16

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Survivor List
  • dk16 X
  • bongo17
  • Zorg X
  • reloaded
  • Garibaldi
  • cheeza
  • Doddsy_boi
  • Seifer
  • fiction X
  • SuperCLG X
  • jkjace
  • -Jake-
  • deeg
  • Vivec
  • aijdko07/koko
  • flaris
  • Steve X
  • Mocha X
  • Seppuku
  • Raida X
  • Nicto10 X
  • Leblancx
  • Voght
  • The bus driver X

Chapter 16 by: Suddenly Jkjace Ran From The helicopter and clipped garibaldis leg by accident, he was trying to run to the wall, where he had spotted a small pice of metal draining, idealy he wanted to use this as a type of bat, but him and garibaldi were now laying on the floor. flaris shouted to them, and they both jumped up and threw themselves back into the hellicopter, deeg joined also after several shouts, but seifer was busy trying to fend off zorg's zombie henchmen with bongo17. they screamed for them, but there was no time remaining,

inside the helicopter flaris was explaining his plan, while garibaldi was still shouting for the other two, suddenly bongo came flying towards the helicopter and his face smashed open on the edge of one of the doors, he had been thrown by one of the mutants, and blood from his face was now dripping down the window, it shocked everyone, but they carried on, garbaldi was not giving up on seifer though.

everyone had now buckled up inside the helicopter, all expet garibaldi, who had not stopped shouting, it was amazing that h had hardly taken breath for 10 minutes. he was repeatedly ignoring deeg's attemts to get him to buckle up. suddenly the helicopter engine started to whir, flaris was in the drivers seat, as both the rotars buzzed. everyone outside stopped for a second or two, wondering what was going on, this is when garibaldi made his moe, he jumped out of the vehicle, and ran for it, grabbing seifer on his way, he also grabbed the pole which jk jace had his eyes on.

T -0:20

seifer was oblivious to who was carrying him, so he naturally started beating garibaldi on the back, trying to break free, but he wouldnt let go, nt until he knew they were both safe. he made a run for it again, after catching a quick moments breath, on his way back, he tripped a few zombies with the pole and this is when seifer realised who he was, he grabbed the pole from gairbladis loose arm and fended off the mutants as aribaldi put all his thoughts into making it back into the helicopter.

the rotars were now getting faster, and garibaldi was just reaching the door when he threw seifer into it. deeg and jkjace grabbed seifer and draged him in, while garibaldi shouted for help, cos there were two of the disfigured mutants who looked like clg and the bus driver coming up from behind, deeg left seifer to jkjace and grabbed garibaldis arm with a tight grip and dragged him in. the dor slammed shut and flaris turned the rotars onto full frive, and started to spin the helicopter, total destruction had been his plan, he couldnt fly it, but he could turn the engine on and spin the copte, chopping up the mutants as the hit the blade!

suddenly one of the bolts inside of the copter came loose and flew off, baught by seifer, but leaving a big red mark in his hand! sparks started to fly and the copter dropped suddenly on one side, then there was silence... T-0:15