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Haunted Mansion Stories/04/Ch14

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Survivor List
  • dk16 X
  • bongo17
  • Zorg X
  • reloaded
  • Garibaldi
  • cheeza
  • Doddsy_boi
  • Seifer
  • fiction X
  • SuperCLG X
  • jkjace
  • -Jake-
  • deeg
  • Vivec
  • aijdko07/koko
  • flaris
  • Steve X
  • Mocha X
  • Seppuku
  • Raida X
  • Nicto10 X
  • Leblancx
  • Voght
  • The bus driver X

The next morning everyone awoke in the hummer. 'ughh... alrite, who wants to drive' said a tired voice. 'il do it' replied flaris. They were moving again. 'wait, whats that?' asked flaris 'thats it... its the exit, wait flaris..... WATCH OUT!! YOUR HEADING TOWARDS THE LAKE!!!' cried Zack. flaris pounded down the brakes as hard as he could... they were skidding out. they reached the edge and stopped. flaris wiped the sweat off his forehead. Just then the other hummer rammed into them. 'AHHHHH!!!!' everyone flew out of their exept bongo(who had his seatbelt on). The hummer crashed into the lake splashing water everywhere. everyone unlocked the doors and swam out of the hummer as fast as they could. when they reached shore they heard long hissing noises from behind them. The lake monster came out of the water hissing. bongo picked up a nearby stick and threw it at him, but it had no effect. 'this one is stronger!' screamed bongo. The lake monster grabbed the hummer and threw it in its mouth. It let out a huge roar and spit out a corspe... sumone was stuck in the hummer. they noticed the corspe was aijdko's. 'i know how to kill it!' screamed Zack 'fire... the chemicals that are used to mutate the monster have a big reaction with fire' 'i have a lighter!' replied flaris. Zack took the lighter, lit it and wiped it strait at the monsters mouth. it swallowed it. a few seconds later there was a huge explotion that made everyone cover their ears and eyes. The monster was now reduced to ashes and bubling chemicals.

The people from the other hummers rushed out. 'great... how are u gona get to the mountain now?' said Seifer 'dont worry, with the loss of everyone else, we have enough room for everyone to stay in one hummer now' said jkjace coming out of the third hummer. Everyone got in the third hummer and they continued their journey.

T- 3:00

They finnaly reached the mountain when a fimmilary face came out from the bushes... it was Zorg, this time there were others with him. All the killed people were coming out of the bushes... they noticed that voght was in his army too. Even Doddsy_boi was there... no one knew how he got there though since he was just with them in the hummer. 'Zack... wonderful to see you again!' said zorg 'the trap worked out perfectly, master' replied Zack 'exelent! my army will be so powerul after we mutate these people!' 'by the way zorg, i killed Lakta... our lake guarder... im sorry' said Zack 'no worries... once my army is done... we wont need her!' Everyone was speechless... they have just been led into a trap by one of zorg's friends. 'now... when will we start the mutations, Zorg?' 'right now!' replied zorg with an evil grin...

Survivors List dk16 X bongo17 Zorg (the evil one) reloaded Garibaldi cheeza X Doddsy_boi X Seifer fiction X SuperCLG X jkjace -Jake- X deeg Vivec X aijdko07/koko X flaris Steve X Mocha X Seppuku X Raida X Nicto10 X Leblancx X Voght X The bus driver X

Chapter 14 by: Garibaldi Shocked at the betrayl of who they thougt were there friends everyone just stood there, even zorg and his minions, just waiting till some one made a move. It was durint this time when bongo, who was sitting shotgun next to zack quietly took out his hand gun (ironically givin to him by zack along with all there other weapons) cocked the hammer, then splattered Zacks brains all over the driver side window. Bongo screamed "c'mon we gotta go!"

Bongo quickly unbuckloed and slid over to the drivers seat, pushed zacks body out of the hummer, buckled up again, made sure the mirrors were at a proper angle to make sure he had a clear line of sight, then he procedded to check the oil gua...

"MOVE IT BONGO" screamed seifer. And with that Bongo floored the gas and the hummer sped off on the last leg of the mountain trail. This however did not seem to help much as zorg and there former friends were able to run and keep up with the vehicle.

Seifer manned the .50 cal on the top while the three ppl who held on to there guns when the second hummer sank began firing, Garibaldi, Deeg, and flaris.

While the guns were able to hold them back there were simply to many of them, and eventually they would overtake the hummer, bullets had a minimal effect, when one of them was hit they stumbled, fell got back up, and continued on running after the hummer.

Deeg cried out "im out, flaris hand me another clip!"

As flaris turned around to get deeg a clip the deranged voght was able to jump up on the back of the hummer, Unfortunatly for the evil voght he leaped up right in to Garibaldi's muzzle, in fact the muzzle was shoved down his throat. While Voght began gagging on the barral out of fear Garibaldi emptied the clip into his bowles tearing him to peices from the inside out. Twas the end of the evil voght, not even some one enhanced with the compund can heal from those injuries.

After the three in the back had wiped voghts blood and internals off there faces they conmtinued to fire away.

Finnaly the remaining campers reached the top of the forests mountain and saw the helipad, fortunatly it was all walled in with really high walls. But unfortunatly they had no idea how to get inside, untill Bongo brain stormed and yelled buckle up, just as flaris was about to say, "we dont want to hear your crap anymore" Bongo power slid the hummer against the wall throwing everyone to the side. Everyone knew what Bongo's idea was and used the hummer as a stool so to speak and climb the wall.

Just as the last of them were about to scale the wall thyey heard a meek cry of help from reloaded who was still preety incapacitated in the stretcher "wait dont leave me behind no wait!!!"

But everyone knew they had no time to hual his stretcher over the wall, for the group to live sacrafices had to be made.

On the other side they worried that zorg and his small army would use the hummer to scale the wall like they did, so they devised a plan, they would take one of the barrel of helicopter fuel duct tape (good for everything) a grenade to it, pull the pin then roll it over the wall.

Jkace had just finished taping the grenade on the barrel when they heard the .50 cal on the hummer begin firing, "reloaded, he's holding them off." Deeg remarked "what a brave little lad" and with that they pulled the pin on the grenade and rolled 80 gallon fuel barrel right on top of reloaded then hit the dirt as the explosion was very large.

While the hummer was destroyed and it would take sometime for zorg and his slaves to scale the wall on there own means the group still had one very big problem. The only person who could fly the choper was Zack Allen, and he is now lying on the ground with half his brains blown out 15 miles down the trail.

Bongo soon descovered the flight manuel for the chopper and began furiously reading it.

With so much time spen on running from the horde of evil and so little remaining hope Garibaldi suggested that everyone save a bullet for themselves so they wont end up serving as mindless servants to zorg and his sick evil twisted ways.