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Haunted Mansion Stories/01/Ch9

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Dk16's and Garibaldi's hearts beat faster and faster as the footsteps got closer and closer...

Dk16 quietly felt around him in the cramped closet. He found a broomstick. He grasped it tightly as he prepared to swing open the closet door. Garibaldi stared through the crack at the bottom of the door. Three pairs of shoes stopped right in front of the door, and turned slowly.

Just then, dk16 swung the door open and slammed it into the first person's face, catching him off guard. He then swung the broomstick around and smashed him in the gut. Then, he went into a low-swinging spin move, which he learned from watching The Matrix Reloaded, and knocked the remaining two unconscious onto the floor. He twirled the broomstick around through his fingers, then went into a kung fu pose. Garibaldi, who was still huddled in the closet with his hands on his head, got up and dusted himself off.

"HA!! that'll teach 'em not to mess with Garibaldi!!"

Dk16 just shook his head and laughed. He stopped laughing when he saw the victims' faces. It was Mocha, Seifer, and Jonolill. and they werent armed or anything. They were probably just going for a midnight snack.

"Oh, crap... it wasn't me, I swear!"

Dk16 and Garibaldi were headed to the bedroom to get help for their unconcious buddies when they heard more footsteps. They started to run up the staircase to the bedroom, but Garibaldi tripped and sent them both rolling. They landed at the feet of three dark figures. Dk16 quickly rolled sideways and broke off part of the old side-rail to the staircase. As he swung it at the first dark figure, he saw it all in slow-motion. The handle slowly came down on the man's head. The man closed his eyes, waiting for the searing pain, but it never came. The pole stopped an inch away from his head. Dk16 suddenly dropped the pole to the ground.

"Woah... deja vu..."

The three dark figures were the same ones as last time: Seifer, Mocha, and Jonolill. They had regained conciousness very quickly from the weak beating by dk16. They said they had awoken to a dark, hooded figure with a knife standing over them. Somehow, they had ran and escaped.

Seifer tried to explain in detail what the killer looked like: "He was very tall, and he wore all black, and looked sorta like... like that guy over there!" Seifer pointed to dark figure standing in the corner.

They all stood frozen in fear. The man in the corner made a quick flicking motion with his wrist. That shook them out of their stunned stare, and they all started to run -- all of them except for Seifer, who was nailed to the wall with a knife through his head.