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Haunted Mansion Stories/01/Ch7

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On the other side of the mansion, bongo17 was sneaking around, looking for clues to catch the killer.It was all quiet in the mansion, and bongo17 started to get worried. Suddenly he heard someone talking in a strange language. Curious as he is, he followed the sound into a dark hallway. When he rounded the corner of the hallway, the sound stopped, and all bongo17 could think about was the faint smell of bitter almond. He recognized the smell from before but he couldn't place it...

Meanwhile, Garibaldi had seen the rotten body of Raiu and had ran down to tell the others.

"We can't just leave Deeg in the bathroom," dk16 said and started to walk towards the bathroom.

"Wait! I'll help you," jkjace yelled and ran up the stairs to dk16.

Dk16 and jkjace managed to move the body, and inside they found the body of Deeg suspended from the ceiling.

"What the hell?!" jkjace shouted.

Dk16, who was getting used to taking care of dead bodies, quickly cut down the rope that held Deeg up. His body fell to the ground, and the first thing dk16 and jkjace noticed was that Deeg's face had been stripped of its flesh.

Bongo17 opened the door that he believed the smell was coming form. In the room, there was only a fountain, shaped like the body of a dead girl in a bathtub.

"Now, this is getting stranger by the minute," bongo17 mumbled to himself. He stepped out of the room and shut the door. When he turned around, he stood face-to-face with someone; he could only see his shape. It was as if the darkness was surrounding the man.

"Who did this?" asked jkjace as he turned his face away from the butchered body of Deeg.

"I have no idea," dk16 said, "but it is disgusting. Let's get back to the others."

Back downstairs, the others was wondering what had happened to Deeg. Dk16 and jkjace told them the truth.

"This is get--" Seifer was interrupted by the sound of gunfire.

"Where is my brother?" dk16 asked.

"I think he went to look for some clues," answered Ifrit.

Dk16 started to run towards the sound, yelling to the others, "I need to find bongo17!"

Garibaldi started ro run after dk16, thinking, I can't leave the poor guy alone.

Dk16 and Garibaldi ran through the the halls, looking for the source of the gunfire.

After some time, dk16 found bongo17 in a pile of blood.

"Nothing, nothing. I did see him and he's nothing," bongo17 mumbled.

"Nothing? What does he mean by nothing?" Garibaldi asked.

"The smell. Remember the smell," bongo17 whispered, and his eyes rolled back into his skull.