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Haunted Mansion Stories/01/Ch5

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While the commotion in the house was going on, Odin and Garibaldi sat in the guest house, which was found out back when they arrived at the mansion. No one had originally wanted to stay in the somewhat drafty guest house, but when sleeping space ran out in the mansion, Garibaldi and Odin drew the short straws and were forced to jimmy open the front and sleep there.

Neither could sleep, as this trip to Europe had taken both well out of their native time zones, so they were playing poker. Odin was robbing Garibaldi. As Garibaldi sat shuffling the cards and grumbling about his newfound financial shortfall, they heard a window break in the adjacent mansion.

Odin remarked, "First we hear sleigh bells and now this. What the heck is going on out there?"

Garibaldi sat, still shuffling, and answered, "You just want to end this so that I never find out how you cheated me out of so much money. Besides, it's too wet and cold to go out anywhere."

That's when both of them heard footsteps outside on the soggy, snowy ground. At first they thought it was one of the people who had been on the bus with them, but these footsteps went past the front door of the guest house and around the back. That's when they both agreed it should be checked out. Odin said that if Garibaldi checked it out, then he would forget about his poker debt. Garibaldi reluctantly agreed.

As he prepared to go outside, he noticed a nice, heavy-looking, pewter candlestick holder on the table. He figured it would come in handy if those footsteps turned out to belong to someone nasty.

As Garibaldi turned the corner, his pulse quickened. A horrible rush of anxiety came over him, but when he turned the corner of the house, he was more puzzled then frightened. Against a pile of wood, there lay the body of Fiction. As he knelt down to Fiction to see if he was dead or just badly hurt, a loud cry for help came from the guest house, followed by a silencing thud.

He raced back to the door, which was left wide open, to find Odin hanging from the wall, suspended there by a sole railroad spike driven through his mouth and out the back of his neck. Oddly enough, there was a playing card tucked on his ear; it was the Ace of Spades.

Just then, dk16 ran up to the door, "Quick, you two, get in the mansion! Something strange is going o-"

Dk16 stopped at the sight of Odin nailed to the wall. After he got his wits back, he yelled "GARIBALDI WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! WE GOTTA GET BACK TO THE MANSION!"

Garibaldi looked at dk and said, "Well if he had an ace hiding in his ear, I wanna know what was in his sleeve. He had to have been cheating."

Dk16 yelled again, "NEVERMIND THAT! LET'S GET OUTTA THIS HORRIBLE GUEST HOUSE". As they both went to leave, they saw the footprints of the killer leading into the open doors of the mansion's storm cellar, with the tracks of what looked like a pitchfork or other nasty garden implement.

They both went back to the mansion to inform the others of yet another tragedy at the hands of the still-unknown killer.