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Haunted Mansion Stories/01/Ch15

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It said nothing. It was the Ace of Hearts and Ace of Clubs, but it seemed to have flaris's face on the Ace of Hearts and Doddsyboi's on the Ace of Clubs. At that moment, Garibaldi grabbed the Ace of Hearts and put it on the wall, as if it was a Japanese scroll charm.

Right there and then, flaris came out of the card, repaired gunblade and all.

"...the hell?" said Jonolill.

"No clue," said dk16.

"Hmm... now we know they ain't dead," replied Garibaldi.

Flaris then grabbed the Ace of Clubs and did the same thing. Doddsyboi shot out of the card and landed with a thump. At that moment, the Dark One appeared. Flaris and Doddsyboi charged at it, managing to sever an arm.

"Wow, you guys got good," said Dragon Thunder.

"Inside those cards, all we could do was practice with our weapons," replied flaris.

"Quickly, we must find the rest of the cards," said Ifrit and Voght. They went back to the guesthouse to get the rest of the cards. They found them all except for the Ace of Spades. Odin and Santa were nowhere to be found.

When the group turned back back, they saw that Zorg and the Dark One had appeared. Everyone took their battle positions, until dk16 noticed that they had an extra member: O