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Haunted Mansion Stories/01/Ch14

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Dk16 went on to explain: "Zorg must have been the one who helped the killer. He must have faked his own death so that no one would suspect him. But who is the real killer?”

They all agreed that none of the few left in the group were the killer, but Garibaldi was suspicious of jkjace. He noticed that there was blood on his shoes, but there was no blood on the shoes of his partner Voght. Tension rose again and everyone became suspicious of each other. Dk16 told everyone that it would be safest if they all continued to search together.

So everyone went back to the guest house to look for clues. When they got there, they were scared to open the door as the killer might still be inside. After a few minutes, Voght worked up the courage to open the door. As his hands touched the doorknob, he felt a chill run through his spine. The door slowly opened, and everyone peered into the darkness. No one was in the house. Voght breathed a sigh of relief.

Dk16 told everyone to spread out and look for clues. After half an hour of looking, everyone gave up. There were no clues in the guest house.

Everyone went back into the mansion. By now everyone was getting hungry, so Dk16 told everyone to get into groups of 2 and one group of 3. Jonolill and Ifrit were to find firewood, Voght and Dragon Thunder were to find food, and Dk's group was to keep looking for clues. Dk told everyone to meet back in the dining room at 4:30.

Everyone went to work on their tasks. Dk, Garibaldi, and jkjace had decided to search for clues upstairs. They started by looking in the bathroom where Deeg was killed. They wondered, if the body of Raiu was blocking the door, how could the killer have gotten in?

They searched the bathroom for 10 minutes but found nothing, until jkjace leaned up against the wall and put his hand on the candleholder. The wall pushed back to reveal a secret tunnel. Dk then realized that the killer wasusing these secret tunnels to make it seem as if he was vanishing and reappearing. Dk16, Garibaldi, and jkjace began to follow the dark tunnel. After 10 minutes of walking they stopped.

Garibaldi said, “I cant see a thing, can you Dk?”

“Obviously not!” he replied.

Just then, jkjace said, “Guys, thats not funny! Don’t touch me!"

"It wasn't me!" Dk16 and Garibaldi said in unison.

They then heard the sound of jkjace being gagged and dragged away. Dk and Garibaldi began to panic, so they ran. They finally reached the exit of the tunnel. Then they sprinted towards the dining room at full speed.

Everyone was there eating calmly until the body of jkjace fell from a secret passage above them. His chest was pierced by a knife, which was holding a note in place. Voght removed the knife and, feeling sick, began to read the blood-soaked note to everyone.