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Haunted Mansion Stories/01/Ch10

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They ran quickly down the hall, but, somehow, the hooded figure was at the end.

He walked toward them, but at that moment, Doddsyboi and flaris came out from a room, and both jumped, kicking the hooded figure in the head.

"Jackie Chan your a**!" said flaris.

"This is not the time," replied Doddsyboi.

They all gathered round the hooded figure. Dk16 was still clutching the broom from the closet, and with one clean sweep, he swiped at the figure on the ground.

It was only a trenchcoat and black jeans. At that moment Doddsyboi saw what seemed to be an arrow flying at A1tjm’s head.

He jumped up and and tried to roundhouse kick the arrow back to where it came from, but he was too late.

"Bulls***!" yelled Doddsyboi.

They ran into the room where Doddsyboi and flaris had directed them. They seemed to be in the basement where the pitchfork had been dragged into. At that moment, they noticed dozens of weapons hanging from the wall, along with shivering Ifrit, jkjace, killermike, Voght and Dragon Thunder. They each grabbed a weapon and waited for the terror to enter “the battlegrounds”.

Doddsyboi, flaris, dk16, and Garibaldi stood in front while the others, on the verge of urinating in their pants, stood behind.Doddsyboi grabbed a spear with a curved edge; flaris grabbed what seemed to be like the Gunblade from Final Fantasy VIII, dk16 a boot knife, Garibaldi a sword, and the rest but Dragon Thunder had training poles, as Dragon Thunder just chose a brass knuckle and claw that would just slide on his hands.

The figure walked down the stairs and the crew was ready to face their fears…