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The term Gangsterz refers to the historic name of the series of games that has (so far) culminated as Legacy (version 2). Occasionally, some players still refer to the current game by this name.


The word Gangsterz was used as the name of the game series for the majority of the six years following its inception. Although the first game was originally named Dark Legacy, it was soon renamed as Gangsterz--on account that "Dark Legacy" was deemed inappropriate for such a futuristic-themed game. Both the creation and the renaming of the first game happened in 2001. It was not until 2007, when the game series' creator Zorg decided that the series had outgrown the maturity of the Gangsterz name, that the third and current incarnation of the game known then as Gangsterz 2 (Version 2) started to be called Legacy.

  • 2004 - ... no game ...