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Gaming Freaks

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History of the Clan

This clan was originally headed by Will and Aldo. Unfortunately, at the time, Will was in the Marine Corps and deployed at one point. It wasn't to long after this that the clan somewhat became inactive. And to top this off, not to long after his return, Will joined the Staff team. And since the clan was inactive, he simply asked for it to be deleted.

Some time after that, ZeroV8 decided to revive the clan with the same name. Oddly enough, all the old logs and what not were saved. But he couldn't get the clan off the ground. Once Will found out the clan had been revived, he asked ZeroV8 if he could have the clan back and he would help get it back off the ground and to where it was before.

So now, the clan has become active enough that Will decided it was time for a Wiki page to exist about it so people could easily learn more about the clan before requesting an invite if they wanted!

Clan Leaders and Ranks

Game Master
Game Veteran
Game Veteran

Aldo is the original co-founder of the clan. ZeroV8 is the second founder of the clan.

Rank Role
Game Master Leader
Game Veteran Asst. Leader
Coin Collector Funds Manager
Game Spotter Recruiter
Gamer Elite Rank 1
Gaming Addict Rank 2
Rookie Rank 3
NewB Rank 4

The Freaks

This is a list that is updated constantly to indicate who is in Gaming Freaks and what their current rank is (including the leaders listed above).

Player Names Rank Note
Will Game Master Original Founder
Aldo Game Veteran Original Co-Founder
ZeroV8 Game Veteran Re-founded after clan was disbanded
Farisees Coin Collector
Shysta Game Spotter
TheDoctor Game Spotter
Blade99 Gaming Addict
Ujimasa Gaming Addict
rollin340 Gaming Addict
Goku Rookie
Haze Rookie
Kage Rookie
Lynx Rookie
PoisonIce Rookie
Skorne Rookie
Tyson Rookie
jiggy Rookie
Anarchist NewB
Arretu NewB
Cee4298 NewB
Danden NewB
Draven NewB
Ekaj NewB
ExDeath NewB
Ice NewB
Jerad NewB
KhalDrogo NewB
Loki NewB
Mavrick NewB
Nitrous NewB
Poseidon NewB
Pyro NewB
RedAlias NewB
ShaddyMccoy NewB
SoFresh NewB
Tosh NewB
Unleashed NewB
Worthless NewB
wester NewB