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Game Settings

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Screenshot of Legacy's options before Update 1.7.00.


Game Settings is the first option on the drop-down menu under SETTINGS. The other options from this drop-down menu can be found here.

Game Settings

Here you can:

  • Control the profanity filters for both the forums and sidechat.
  • Enable or disable forum signatures.
  • Enable or disable forum reactions.
  • Pick the order players in "Online Now" are displayed.
  • Enable or disable the HCS bar at the top of the screen.
  • Choose if you'd like notifications when you can "Daily Vote" or hunt a SNPC. For more information click here.
  • Mute players on Side Chat and Wasteland chat.
  • Choose your default attack type. (These require combat abilities.)
  • Enable or disable Wasteland's color blind support.
  • Control some aspects of Wasteland, including: the size of the chat box, if you see visuals of alerts on the map and what your default button is linked to.
  • Enable or disable "newbie tips", this turns on or off some explanations about certain areas of the game.
  • Choose the animation and it's speed for the navigation bar.
  • Choose if you want to keep leveling once you become an avatar.
  • Choose whether or not you want gcode buttons to appear in forums, and private messages.
  • Control when you see "Boon pop-ups."
  • Choose if you would like Platinum boosts to be displayed as status effects.
  • Choose if you participate in Phantom events.
  • Choose which job-related location you are sent to when you click your energy.
  • Pick your quick links.

Notifications Selection

The notification selection option was introduced to notify users when they can vote or when their special NPC is attack-able again.
Screenshot of Legacy's Game Settings.