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This page is an archive of comics made about Legacy, by players and Staff.

Title Author Characters
N0bo's First Day On G2 dk16 N0bo, rat.
Untitled play2slay random scammer, base.
Untitled base random multi(s), base, me13, FatTony, NaziHalo.
Untitled base DSniper, Primie, Goaty.
Untitled play2slay jake012089, hincha and co., voice of Deeg.
Untitled base UriahB7, base, random noobs.
The Adventures of Me13 play2slay Zorg, FatTony, me13.
The Adventures of Me13 play2slay "Fattoni", me13.
Untitled uglymug  ???, ???.
Nippon Comic chipmoney Nippon, criminal(?).
The Adventures of Me(13) play2slay me13, "FaTtony", Truedemon, random players.
The Adventures of Me13- part 2 base me13, FatTony, "Conny" (Cannon/QQHM).
Aventures of Cannon the Barbarian base Cannon/QQHM, OSU871316, Leet speaker.
Gangs weekly Bladez DF,BoD,OC,TC
Who spammed my forums Bladez FatTony
You WHAT? Pie Scott, Some random noob
Pie vs Mass Multis Scott Pie, random multi!
Pie! Kitten Pie, Not Zorg, darp, hincha, Ross, Kitten, masteryu, Some random noobs, Jerv
Zorg and bcfcespley drink anialator Zorg and Bcfcespley