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Energy is irreplaceable in Legacy. Not only does it fuel the fighting parts of the game, they also are the foundations of making money. They provide you with a limit on how many actions you can do throughout the game.


Energy is used for working and leveling. You can have a maximum of 6000 energy (The cap is increased to 7500 energy when you buy expanded energy for 14,995 Platinum).

Energy.PNG - Energy can be found in your status box. The location of your status box can be altered through the template control option

How to Get Energy

1 point = 100 energy, or 5 points = 500 energy

Lund Points.PNG


Hive energy can be used for:

  • Working, which can cost anywhere from 200 Energy per job to 1,000 Energy per job
  • Attacking other players, or PVP (Player Vs. Player), which costs 5 energy per round (1 round = 1 attack from each side)
  • Hunting, which costs the same as PVP, and you need at least 500 to attack an SNPC boss (The 500 Energy cost for SNPC's is waived with the Ability Big Game Hunter)
  • Raids will sometimes have an energy cost to enter (You only pay to enter the Raid, combat within the Raid has no energy cost)
  • They used to be used for the old Avatar Training System!