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Energy is irreplaceable in Legacy. Not only does it fuel the fighting parts of the game, they also are the foundations of making money. They provide you with a limit on how many actions you can do throughout the game.


Energy is used for working and leveling. You can have a maximum of 6000 energy (The turn cap is increased to 7500 energy when you buy expanded energy for 14,995 Platinum).

Energy.PNG - Energy can be found in your status box. The location of your status box can be altered through the template control option

How to Get Energy

  • You automatically gain 200 energy every hour, on the hour (i.e. 5:00 PM).
  • You can also exchange your voting points for energy in the Vote for Legacy page in the Quick Links.

1 point = 100 energy, or 6 points = 600 energy

Vote for energy.PNG


Hive energy can be used for:

  • Working, which cost 500 energy per job for Mining, 200 energy per job for Post Office, and 300 energy per job for Hacking.
  • Attacking other players, or PVP (Player Vs. Player), which costs 5 energy per round (1 round = 1 attack from each side)
  • Hunting, which costs the same as PVP, and you need at least 500 to attack an NPC boss
  • They used to be used for the old Avatar Training System!