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Chapter 1: The Beginning

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Chapter 1: The Beginning
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You find yourself in one of the seediest parts of the Hive: Sector 3. As you roam its back-alleys, you stumble upon something.. quite.. strange.

Chapter 1: The Beginning Map (click to enlarge)
For a full summary, click here! Warning: Spoilers

Officer Rahpaz heard some rumors about shady business taking place in the area, you decide to help him investigate.

While searching the area, you come across 2 Slum Thugs in an abandoned building to the east. Upon killing the 2nd Thug, he stabs you as he falls to the ground causing you to phase through the 'barrier'.

You continue exploring north and run into a Phantom Orb floating in a back alley that upon defeat, ominously believes you may be able to stop 'him'.

Still searching for a way to return to the real world, you enter a building west of the first one and are brought back to reality only to find a Slum Thug and the Assassin Lisha. Surprised to see you and not Rahpaz, Lisha fights you and vanishes leaving behind only an assassination contract on the ground.

Officer Rahpaz rejoins you afterwards and after hearing what happened, thanks you for saving his life and requests that you come by the station as he may still need your help.


Defeat the Assassin Lisha


Chapter 1: The Beginning (No Tiles) (click to enlarge)
For a full walkthrough, click here! Warning: Spoilers

You begin the Raid starting on square 0,10

Move to 14,3
Defeat Slum Thug (Level 7)

Move to 9,3
Defeat Slum Thug (Level 7)

(Optional) Move to 12,1
Defeat Phantom Orb (Level 75)

Move to 2,5
Defeat Slum Thug (Level 7)

Move to 2,7
Defeat Assassin Lisha (Level 10)

Move to 2,5
Raid Completed

Enemy Data

Target Name Level Experience Health Possible Drops
Officer Rahpaz Officer Rahpaz 15 N/A 25hp N/A
Slum Thug Slum Thug 7 N/A 25hp N/A
Phantom Orb Phantom Orb 75 26,640xp 210hp Phantom Essence
Assassin Lisha Assassin Lisha 10 N/A 30hp Bullet Proof Jacket Throwing Knives Throwing Blades


  • The Throwing Blades Lisha drops are 20 Trades and 3 Forge Points.