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Boon Ship

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Boons are a currency that was introduced by Aldo. During Aldo's hiatus from developing, the Boon Ship was introduced by Bongo. It is located in Sector 2. It contains a variety of items and buffs that are designed to speed up the player's progression.


Boons were originally introduced by Aldo and had no purpose. After a lot of patience and curiosity around their intended purpose, Aldo removed them on April Fool's Day. They were added back in the next day, to the lament of all, but Bongo managed to salvage the idea. He introduced the Boon Ship in it's current form, allowing players to spend their Boons on items and buffs that will allow them to do certain things easier, more frequently, or to a greater benefit.


Boons can be acquired simply by playing the game. Attacking, working, healing other players in the wasteland, and more can all reward a Boon. The most reliable way to get Boons is by achieving the weekly top 10 lists, as each placing on these rewards a fixed amount of Boons.

Shop Contents

Mad scientist.png

As you enter the ship, you are greeted by what seems to be a mad scientist. "Come, come look at all of my crazy inventions. Your loyalty to the hive will not go unrewarded!"

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