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BoD Vampires 4

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The following is a summary of the fourth Blade of Dawn/Vampires game.

The fourth BoD Vampires game was run by Naurix.

Player List

Player Name Role Alive at end? Notes
Epicrawr Survivor No Lynched on day 3.
Euphaire Wizard, Witch No Died on day 4.
turdus Villager No Killed by vampires on day 4.
teenwolf Villager No Killed by vampires on day 2.
R3v3rt Villager No Died on day 4.
KevinMp The Vampire Hunter No Killed by vampires on day 1.
Pyro02 Sheriff No Killed by Dracula on day 2.
ryloth Villager No Mod killed for inactivity on day 2.
lisit Bat-Vampire YES Winner!
ASOBITAI Priest No Killed by Psychopath on day 2.
Larkins Blood Sucking Demon No Mod killed for inactivity on day 4.
diablo Sorcerer, Merchant No Killed by Wizard's magic on on day 2.
Skynyrd Loner No Killed by Dracula on day 4.
Latvietis Villager No Killed by vampires on day 3.
Shishi Dracula YES Winner!
RedKnight Elder No Lynched on day 4.

Play-by-Play Summary

Day 1

Mayor role given to KevinMp (The Vampire Hunter).

Villagers vote no lynch.

Psychopath role given to turdus (Villager).

Euphaire (Wizard, Witch) poisons diablo (Sorcerer, Merchant).

turdus (Villager) gives garlic to Pyro02 (Sheriff).

diablo (Sorcerer, Merchant) scans Euphaire (Wizard, Witch).

KevindMp (The Vampire Hunter) splashes R3v3rt (Villager).

diablo cures himslef.

Vampires target and kill KevinMp (The Vampire Hunter).


Mayor role given to Epicrawr (Survivor).

Villagers vote no lynch.

ryloth mod killed for inactivity (Villager).

Psychopath role given to Eupharie (Wizard, Witch).

lisit (Bat-Vampire) silences Epicrawr (Survivor).

ASOBITAI (Priest) gives garlic to lisit (Bat-Vampire).

Euphaire using Psychopath's ability kills ASOBITAI (Priest).

Euphaire (Wizard, witch) poisons Teenwolf (Villager).

Euphaire (Wizard, Witch) gives ability to kill to Epicrawr (Survivor).

Shishi (Darcula) kills Pyro02 (Sheriff).

Epicrawr (Survivor) uses ability to kill on diablo (Sorcerer, Merchant).

Vampires target and kill teenwolf (villager).

Psychopath and Mayor roles gets removed.

Day 3

Villagers vote to lynch Epicrawr (Survivor).

Euphaire (Wizard, Witch) poisons lisit (Bat-Vampire).

lisit (Bat-Vampire) silences R3v3rt (Villager).

Vampires target and kill Latvietis (Villager).

Day 4

Larkins (Blood Sucking Demon) mod killed for inactivity.

Villagers vote to lynch RedKnight (Elder).

Euphaire (Wizard, Witch) poisons Skynyrd (Loner).

Shishi (Dracula) kills Skynyrd (Loner).

Vampires target and kill turdus (Villager).

Vampires kills off the remaining villagers.



Naurix 15 000c

Total: 15 000c

Each winner got 7 500c.