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Awesome Hour 4

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Image of Online Chat

5th August 2009

How Long:
64 Minutes

Run by:

Hommie, Lucas, Kat, whiskeyjac, Korey and Pie

Questions Asked:
Roughly 28

Dk's Forum Post (Click to enlarge!)

The Gang based Awesome Hour was started by dk16 in Online Chat at 6pm Server Time. Hommie kept the score whilst Lucas, Kat, whiskeyjac, Korey and Pie moderated the chat. After you guessed a question correct you where silenced. You had to use your gang colors in chat. Korey used the wrong color so he gained points for the wrong team.

All Questions were worth 1 Point, The Chapter gained an extra point for their gang cheer!

You can hate all you want but it just ain't true,
No gang's the same unless it's blue.
Concentrate hard and you'll figure it out,
Rockin' TC is what it's all about.
Points Table
Gang Points Position Prize
The Chapter
15 Points 1st
Rank 8 Coat MaleRank 8 Coat Female

When will the next one be?!?!?!
>>> Awesome Hour 5 <<< Smiley 9.gif