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Awesome Hour 2

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Image of Online Chat

29th July 2009

How Long:
57 mins

Run by:

Lucas, Scott, maceybhoy (Now Macey), Kat, DMaster and grzesiek17

Questions Asked:

Dk's Forum Post (Click to enlarge!)

Awesome Hour #2 was started by dk16 in Online Chat at 6pm Server Time. Lucas, Scott, maceybhoy (Now Macey), Kat, DMaster and grzesiek17 Moderated the chat whilst the quiz went on. It was a team based round and Each team had a font colour to that team. It was a successful event with a few people walking away with +4's! Special mention to Pie who answered alot of the questions correctly! All Questions were worth 1 Point!

Points Table
Team Name Points Position Prize
Team Loner
9 1st +4 Staff Favor
8 2nd +2 Staff Favor
Fighting Mongooses & Nerdy inside, sexy outside
3 3rd Pat on the back
Color Represents
+4 Staff Favor
+2 Staff Favor

Team Names: b00nyJapsEyes OAG-Unit Smurfketeers Nerdy inside, sexy outside The Champions Da Friends Fighting Mongooses Team Loner
Members: b00nface Ross Amlyrod AlPacino anialator Justme whiskeyjac Pie
Demoneyes Skorne Daniela Anovski ExDeath Ukke Hypno Guilt
zerocomman Flickzman Dragonwolf Yataragazu JoeBloggs
Albel ironbeany Friend pupoff

When will the next one be?!?!?!
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