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Awesome Hour 17

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Click here for Awesome Hour #16

Connor's Forum Post announcing AH 17 (Click to enlarge!)
Image of the Q&A session with the devs.

July 6th

How Long:
2 hours 20 minutes

Ran by:
Connor, MattG2

Aldo, Lynx, Rollin340 & Zorg

Questions Asked:

Awesome Hour #17 took place on Friday, July 6th, 2018, and began at 4pm server time.

Points Table
Name Points Position Prize
The Outcast
n/a 1st +4 Staff Favor + 250 GP to their gang + Prize1 banner.png
n/a 2nd +3 Staff Favor + 100 GP to their gang participants.
Blade Of Dawn
n/a 3rd +2 Staff Favor to their gang participants.
The Chapter
n/a 4th +1 Staff Favor to their gang participants.

When is the next one?
Awesome Hour #18