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Spectral Items

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System Removed
This article is about a system/item in or around the game that has been removed. Any information on this page may be out of date. It's just kept for historical purposes!

Spectral Banner

The Spectral event was implemented by Zorg on Friday October 23rd 2009. It lasts from midnight on Friday to midnight on Sunday, server time. You will know when the event has started, as the beginning and end of the event is announced by System on Side Chat. Since Legcon 3, the spectral event is removed and will be only used on special occasions.
There are two ways to gain an item when the event is going on:
1) Randomly picked to get it from the abyss, or
2) Kill the current carrier and earn a banner when doing so.

The Amulet!‎

Item: Forgotten Amulet
Level: 80
Type: Misc.
Banner: The banner!

Screenshot of the Amulet's stats
The Shard!

Item: Shard of Destruction
Level: 80
Type: Melee Weapon.
Banner: The banner!

Screenshot of the Shard's stats
The Armour!

Item: Phantom Armour
Level: 80
Type: Armour
Banner: The banner!

Screenshot of the Armours stats
Being disfavoured whilst holding a spectral item!

Normal disfavor!
The purple glow on a shrub tree!
Normal shrub tree!
Character Designs!

When you get the Spectral Item you are given a nice purple glow for your background. If you have a -1 or less you become a purple frog as your character Design.

If your account has been shrubbed by a member of Staff and receives the Spectral Item, by defeating a player in self defence, then your shrub is given the purple glow background.

The purple glow on a design!
The purple glow!
Spectral FaQ!
o How do they work?
Defeat the person carrying the spectral item and you get it until someone defeats you, this process continues until it despawns on the Sunday night.
You cannot sell, drop or trade the spectral item. Non-avatars can steal it but they will not be able to equip it. You will never be told who is carrying it but it will be visible upon viewing the carriers profile, both by the purple aura around their character and a small note above their equipped items.
o What if my inventory is full?
If you defeat the spectral item carrier and do not have space in your inventory to carry the spectral item then it will 'Phase Shift to the Abyss'. From the Abyss it will be handed to a random un-injured avatar who has space to carry it. If none are found it will wait there and keep trying to find somebody every minute.
o How do I know what's going on?
It will be announced on Side Chat by a system message.
o How do i know which item has appeared?
In your inventory it will display a message (Shown in the Screen Shot to the right). You Click on [Details] and this will take you to another page with an image displayed containing the current item.

Phantom Toothbrush!
The Toothbrush!‎
Item: Phantom Toothbrush
Level: 80
Type: Melee Weapon.
Banner: None
Screenshot of the Toothbrushes stats

The Phantom Toothbrush was the first ever spectral item. It was first used for testing on the Dev Server for Zorg and Scott, however, Zorg has left it to be a 24/7 event.

Image of Carrier on DEV
Screenshot from Inventory