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Server Move

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Old Host
New Host
Image of Creator's Blog (click To enlarge!)
Image of Chat during the downtime (Click to enlarge!)

This huge piece of history can be counted as one of Legacy's worst downtime experiences. It started (Jul 22nd 2008 to Aug 7th 2008) when Legacy started to have lag then crashed. Zorg tried to contact HostDime to have Paultech to fix the problem. This failed as all the calls he had were ignored. Online Chat was still accessible but due to there being no moderators he granted powers to maddoctor/Scott and Chipmoney to help moderate the chat. The choice was wait with HostDime or rent a server. Zorg went searching for the best deal he could whilst the game was still down.

After getting a good quote from Fasthosts he then had the torturing job of updating all the Scripts to stop any security flaws. This took near enough 5 days to complete. However another hit for legacy arrived when Zorg found out he needed a backup from PaulTech. This backup contained all clan forums, flags, recently uploaded character designs and all of the Staff logs. Zorg tried to get the backups but it was a losing battle. All of the backups needed were lost. This means all history in clans, logs and profiles where deleted. He had to revert the server to 3 days previous also, anything gained after the 3 days where lost (Hunting drops, exp... everything). When he turned Login on he sent a flash of lightning throughout the hive injuring everyone. This stops people getting too much exp all at once. On a brighter note after all the updates Zorg re-opened and he gave the following benefits:

Bulletpoint.png Double speed game for 7 days (400 turns instead of 200, 200 Warfare turns instead of 100)
Bulletpoint.png Flag competition with prizes of +4 Staff Favor Favor+4.png and a banner Flag banner.png
Bulletpoint.png Construction Site open for 7 days (See below)
Bulletpoint.png Subscription Time Sale (+10% free)

However, more bad news came flooding back into Legacy. He had to raise subscription prices to cover the costs for the new server. So to get the ball rolling he set up a place in Sector 1 called "Construction Site". The name given after what mess PaulTech left Zorg! so here you would trade one week of subtime and you would receive a banner and also you would receive a clothing item for your dedication to stick with the game:

Impossible to get now
Connect banner.png Survived the near apocalyptic server move in our 4th year.
Icon male.pngMaleIcon male.png
Icon female.pngFemaleIcon female.png
Zorg's post when the game was down

As said before, Legacy would be nothing without its subscribers and its huge efforts of its Staff Team. Not forgetting its creator Mr. Zorg. This is proof that Legacy will always stand strong, the community will be there to help and there is never a dull moment on this game! Thank you for reading this huge piece of history and good luck on your quest to find more knowledge within the Wiki!