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Attention: The information on this page might be out of date. See the the talk page for more information.

Naruto History

Picture of the clan banner


Clan Bank:

Total Members:
11 Members

Total / Average Level:
907 / 82

Private Forum:
31 Threads

Naruto is one of the older and quieter clans in Legacy. Naruto was created by an ex-member called Tripzter and his friend Ausderek in October 2005. When Tripzter retired from playing, he passed the clan to Ausderek. Ausderek ran Naruto for a few months and was a great leader, but unfortunately he had to quit as well. The clan was then handed to Pink who kept on doing a great job at making Naruto one of the top clans. Finally, Naruto was passed to the Avatar Shaidar, who has stayed in command until a few months ago, when Brappp (Jack) was selected as the new and current leader. Jack then stepped down and Pink started Leading the clan.

Naruto has always tried to remain an exclusive and selective clan, whereby the clan is invite only. Naruto never advertises for new members I.e. in the Clan forums, etc.. New members are asked to join. The clan's name ‘Naruto’ originates from a Japanese anime show called.. Naruto. The ranks in Naruto are set on different Ninja ranks and the general theme of the show.

Naruto has strived to stand alone as one of the few elite and best clans in Legacy. Despite the Server move that wiped the clan forum. The clan still stands high!

To Join

Naruto is invite only.

Do not ask for an invite. Continued attempts to pressure members for invites will see you black-listed.


  • Cisco Nine Tailed Fox (Leader)
  • Shaidar Hokage (Assistant Leader)
  • Pink Hokage (Assistant Leader)
  • Jack Hokage (Assistant Leader)
  • Opal Hokage (Assistant Leader)
  • LordOfD Legendary Ninja (Recruiter)
  • Tongue Legendary Ninja (Recruiter)
  • Uglymug Hunter-nins (Rank 4)
  • DJFresh Elite Jounins (Rank 3)
  • kanankoipi Elite Jounins (Rank 3)
  • MitchyPack Genin (Rank 1)

Honoured ex-Naruto Members

  • Tripzter
  • Ausderek
  • 3Gz
  • Killaz
  • Doddsyboi
  • Fiction
  • Moka123 (Big Daddy)
  • rorixblade
  • stealth
  • Dk16
  • Chos3n
  • Dannnn
  • Falcon
  • Blind
  • Frost
  • Chipedwood