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Werewolves/Game 11

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The following is a summary of the eleventh Werewolves game. This was a special edition that was held on an outside forum from Legacy with players using Poke'mon names to hide their true identities. This game was hosted by Will



  • Winners: The Werewolves
  • Players: Farisees, Gohan, HellsBlast, Ujimasa

Player List

Player Names Role Alive at game end? Notes
Fever = Bellsprout Forsaken No Killed by Werewolves, Night 4
tghowcroft = Regigas Villager No Modkilled Day 6 for posting image of PMed role
CloudyMan = Haunter Villager No Modkilled Day 3 Inactivity
Gohan = Vaporeon Werewolf Yes Winner
PoisonIce = Torchic Villager No Day 3 Curse of Piper
Whambam = Arceus Defender No Overran by Werewolves Day 6
Ashley = Squirtle Elder No Day 4 Lynched
fal = Pikachu Villager - Lover No Day 2 Commited Suicide for death of Raichu
Kizack = Garchomp Witch No Modkillled Day 5 Inactivity
Farisees = Gardevior Werewolf Yes Winner
Sumwish = Durant Sheriff No Overran by Werewolves Day 6
Bongo17 = Marill Necromancer No Night 5 killed by werewolves
Kizaaz = eevee Villager No Night 3 killed by werewolves
Leviticus = Groudon Villager No Day 5 killed by werewolf silencer
koko = Mewtwo Forsaken No Modkilled Day 4 Posting image of PMed Role
Aaron = Tyranitar Villager No Overran by Werewolves Day 6
Fudge = Rayquaza Villager No Modkilled Day 5 Inactivity
anialator = Raichu Village - Lover No Night 1 killed by Werewolves
HellsBlast = Onix Werewolf Yes Winner
Goku = Charizard Werewolf Silencer No Day 5 Curse of Piper
IrakPappan = Lapras Defender No Modkilled Day 3 Inactivity
Ujimasa = Magikarp Werewolf Yes Winner
Worthless = dratini Forsaken No Overran by Werewolves Day 6
Pyro = Hypno Piper No Day 5 Lynched
Coran = Gyarados Forsaken No Modkilled Day 2 Inactivity
Kage = Nidoking Murdurer No Modkilled Day 3 Inactivity
HanzoRazor = Unfezant Werewolf No Modkilled Day 4 Inactivity
Taylor = Bidoof Cupid No Modkilled Day 6 Inactivity
inFamous = Arbok Seer No Modkilled Day 5 Inactivity
Reload = Dragonite Villager No Day 2 Lynched

Play-by-play Summary

Day/Night 1

  • DarkFlame, Macey, KevinMP, DJBUBI, Battlewus, greggy, zalgo, Trunks modkilled due to issues with outside forums.
  • Infamous (Arbok) scans anialator (Raichu)
  • sumwish (Durant) checks Taylor (Bidoof)
  • Werewolves target anialator (Raichu)
  • IrakPappan (Lapras) defends himself
  • Arceus (WhamBam) defends himself
  • Pyro hypnotizes anialator (Raichu) "seer, werewolves, nipples, scanned, trustworthy, believe, pineapple, murderer" and koko (Mewtwo) "lied, explosions, haunter, blueberries, bandwagon, pizza, murderer, Lapras".

Day/Night 2

  • Garyados modkilled for Inactivity
  • Reload (Dragonite) lynched by the village
  • inFamous (Arbok) scans Pyro (Hypno)
  • Werewolves target Kizaaz (eevee)
  • Arceus (WhamBam) defends Kizaaz (eevee)
  • Goku (Charizard) silences inFamous (Arbok)
  • Pyro (Hypno) hypnotizes PoisonIce (Torchic) "i am a raging idiot, please lynch me" and Ujimasa (Magikarp) "let's lynch torchic he just bandwagons all game".

Day/Night 3

  • IrakPappan (Lapras), CloudyMan(Haunter), and Kage(NidoKing), all modkilled due to inactivity.
  • Village no lynch
  • PoisonIce (Torchic) dies from Piper's Curse due to failure to post all words hypnotized with.
  • sumwish (Durant) scans Ashley (Squirtle)
  • WhamBam (Arceus) defends himself.
  • Werewolves target Kizaaz (eevee)
  • Pyro (Hypno) hypnotizes Kizaaz (eevee) "we must go swimming, this is simply ridiculous" and tghowcroft (Regigas) "choo choo don't trust me, i'm full of"

Day/Night 4

  • HanzoRazor (Unfezant) modkilled due to inactivity.
  • koko (Mewtwo) modkilled due to posting image of PMed role.
  • Ashley (Squirtle) lynched by village.
  • Goku (Charizard) silences Leviticus (Groudon)
  • sumwish (Durant) checks Goku (Charizard)
  • WhamBam (Arceus) defends Worthless (dratini)
  • inFamous (Arbok) scans Leviticus (Groudon)
  • Werewolves target Fever (Bellsprout)
  • Pyro (Hypno) hypnotizes Fever (Bellsprout) "lynch bidoof apple sauce choo choo captain obvious" Goku (Charizard) "naughty boy brian death and destruction hairy back"

Day/Night 5

  • Fudge (Rayquaza) modkilled due to inactivity.
  • Leviticus (Groudon) killed by Silencer's effect due to posting when silenced.
  • Goku (Charizard) dies from Piper's Curse due to failure to post all words hypnotized with.
  • Pyro (Hypno) lynched by village.
  • Werewolves target bongo17 (Marill)

Day/Night 6

  • Taylor (Bidoof) modkilled due to inactivity
  • tghowcroft (Regigas) modkilled due to posting image of PMed role.
  • Werewolves claim victory by outnumbering village!