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About me

I've been around Legacy for about 3 1/2 years now. Even tried to quit, but unsuccessfully i might add. I don't really play unless im really bored, but I spend alot of my online time cruising the forums, and chatting on SC between flight points on World of Warcraft. I'm very well known for causing ruckus with staff, and using my mouth as a means to get myself in trouble, but im slowly but surely perfecting my internet people skills as time goes on. Though I have been banned from the game several times for things such as player abuse, and staff abuse, I still to this day have a low tolerance for things many in the legacy community have deemed moronic, such as using the side chat as a cell phone text messenger. I'm not a grammar Nazi, but reedin stuf lik tis kinda giv u hedake aftur wile.

Short History

I joined the United States Navy as a Master at Arms A.k.a. cop, which is ironic considering I have a long past with gang affiliation, and different criminal offenses such as drugs. Luckily, I managed to never get convicted of anything. The specific job I held at the time gave me a lot of downtime so i needed a hobby. I have tried several text based games, and was an avid player of Socom 2. Socom was great and still is, but text based just pulled me in. I originally started in efeds roleplaying as a wrestler, and got bored quick due to the lack of complexity. I mean wrestling, and roleplaying combined is kinda cool, but not enough. I then found games like torncity, which didn't do well at keeping me interested due to character advancement, and constant bullying. If someone of higher level didnt like you, you'd better hope they logged off and didn't have many friend, or you were better off creating a new accounts, and starting fresh. Still, constant google searches left me bored. I eventually came across mpogd, and the first game i clicked on was I joined a clan called Vendetta Council, and made many friends such as Snowflake, Loki(argument buddy) and Frost. The rest is history.


I am currently no longer in the military, but I got a sweet deal with the reserves. I rub that in Mehean's face every time her logs into msn. I pretty much a stay at home dad, and plan on moving back to New Orleans, LA, which is where im originally from. Currently, I'm living in a little town called Palmerton, PA, and Bonghitter constantly bugs me to drive to Philadelphia, PA to get hammered.

Hobbies & Interest

Right now I love WoW(World of Warcraft), and do a little run and gun with Urban Terror(Free Quake Arena mod, stand alone.) I was also blessed with a copy of [ Adobe Flash CS4] because a good friend of mine in the military ordered a copy and was sent 2 cd keys by mistake, and he owed me money. So, yeah I'm practicing flash, and working on flash graphics, and applications. I am currently working on an animation titled "The Mod" Starring FatTony, but the project is gonna be a while yet due to my sketch pad is on order ;). Of course, my lazy ass plans on getting it out by the summer time.

Gang Counter(s):
Blade of Dawn.gif: (5) Dark Flame.gif: (2) The Chapter.gif: (3 including current) Outcasts.gif: (4 )
Banners Info
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  • Real Name: Ryan Templet Sr.
  • Age:26
  • Born:September 2nd, 1982
  • Hometown:New Orleans, LA
  • Occupation:Unemployed/Navy Reserves
  • Status:Married
  • Children:1 boy(5) 1 girl(2)
  • Quote:"If i call you a moron, don't get offended, just quit being a moron."
  • Favorite Legacy moment:
Randomhero what are you doing?
Erm... Moderating?

(No I wasn't there.)

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