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Koadrea Char Design 5.pngKoadrea Char Design 4.pngKoadrea Char Design 3.pngKoadrea Char Design 2.pngKoadrea Char Design 1.pngKoadrea's Char Design level 83.png

Full Name:

Heather Phelps


19th of April
Ontario, Canada

Account lifeline

Kizaaz introduced me to Legacy.
I joined the 1st of February 2012.
And I made it to avatar on the 25th of October 2012, in 268 days.

Gang Life

When I started the game I was placed in Blade of Dawn,
I left straight away to join my cousin (Kizaaz) in Outcasts,
Kizaaz left Outcasts, so I left to The Chapter where I became a Trainer and later became Council but left because I needed a change of scenery,
I then went back to Outcasts where I made it to Rank 4, I left after a month because I missed The Chapter,
I went back to The Chapter where I made it to Trainer Master, but left because I became sick of all the drama,
I then went to Dark Flame where I reached Rank 6, but left back to The Chapter where I remained until present.

Current gang: The Chapter
Current gang rank: 11 Trainer
Clans I am in - rank:

  • 1. Art Society - Koadrea
  • 2. PeaceKeepers - Recruiter
  • 3. Novel Forces - Trainer Team
  • 4. TC Trainers - Trainer Team


Screen shots

MikaZuki Mass Alert.png DBall Cheers.png MeatBoy.png