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Personal Information

Name: Blake Phillips

D.O.B: 29th January 1993

Employment: Full time Student

Location: Hervey Bay, Australia

Things you'll find me doing: Rugby Union, Touch Football, Computers, Reading, Chilling with friends

1. Don't mess with the market or you die...
2. Diss my comrades and you die...
3. Forget these rules and you die...

Legacy History

Early Days

So if you want to know about me then here it is: I started on Saturday, May 6th 2006. I was introduced by my then best friend Orcagroup1. Evrox helped me from the moment I started playing…call this weird but I remember her being level 47 the day I started. After a few days had got bye, I had levelled up to around level 13, at this point in time about 5 of my friends had started playing as well so we decided to start up our own gang: Delta Force (clans were gangs back then) We ended up getting around 30 members into our gang, we realised the amount of elitism that was happening in the game at this point in time so we decided our theme would be people below level 20 would be allowed to join. Unfortunately this went bad when after about a month and having 30k in our gang bank, I gave the Treasurer rank to a guy named soccerdude, this guy had been in our gang since the start and I had quite a lot of trust in him…to much in fact, the next day I logged on to find it all gone but being a newbie back then I had no realisation that I could simply go to Staff to help them get it back. That was the end of Delta Force as my friends were discouraged and two or three of them quit. I closed down the gang and Evrox got me an invite to the Meanstreet Mob.

Forum Signatures

These are my forum signatures, past and present:



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