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Hello, it is I. The great Decowski. I joined this game in about....April I think? It was when the fighting and hunting systems were being updates. Terrible time to join right? But, I had loads of cash once everything was updated! I played on that account until I moved to Florida, then I got xbox live and I kinda just quit. Well, my 360 recently died and I also bought my own computer. So, I decided to start playing again. I remembered that I made an account and started playing on it as of 4/3/09. The first gang I was in when I started playing the first time was OutCasts. It was a lot of fun. JD helped me out a lot and I met a few people. I became friends with a guy named Bouchie. After awhile I realized the leader of the gang at that time was a total jerk. I left and joined TC. At first I was stunned at, but then everyone opened up to me and found out I'm a great guy. =D Well, when I started this account I was in DF. I don't like them at all. So, I left and joined TC with the help of Heggs. My long term goal is to become a trainer within TC, because I love to help people out and I think I should pay back all the help I got when I started playing..

- Decowski