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Legacy name : Buzz

Game life

current design

past/other designs

After finally completing all the State training I needed (see next few sections), I came back to the game in late fall/early winter of 2008. Not long after I joined OC and got used to the game again and got my first taste of WL and hunting.. Not long after Jan '09 i got my girl to start playing and are often found not far from each other in the game. Since then I have started leveling again and she tries to catch me but is often 10 lvs away..

I often run a stand on the market with medical and other items i have gotten in the game with a 10% to 20% discount depending on how my day is going.

I reached avatar on 10-6-2009 @ 0939hrs EST

I became mentor on Dec 10th, 2009 @ 1112hrs EST just about exactly 10 months later I became Taskmaster on Sept. 8, 2010 @ 0655hrs EST

Currently i have the following recruits playing this game

horsect223 - fiancee Personnel life

I am a volunteer firefighter forAnthracite Steam Fire Co . Which is a Engine and Ladder company.

I also run several websites for the company with video and pictures from the calls we often have, some of which are.....

video of major incidents video of minor incidents pictures

I do have a personnel facebook/myspace just message me on legacy and i will help you find me.

Me and my girl with our son (Nathan)

My real life job - Volunteer Firefighter house.. always ready to roll

I am an active volunteer in my hometown with the local Truck and Engine company. I became a volunteer after at the age of 12 i watch an entire block burn to the ground (sadly several of my friends lived on this block). After watching my dad and other members of the company spend all day away from their families trying to save everyone's property i figured i can no longer stand by. Since October of 2005 i have been a very active volunteer and have even gone out of my way to make sure I have STATE approval and training to make sure i can serve and protect to the best of my ability. My certification includes but is not limited to

CPR, First Aid, AED, Exterior Firefighter, Interior Firefighter, Water rescue (lifeguard)

When my pager goes off it iss one of the few times i go from joking to dead serious in under 30 seconds. When those tones drop i have no problem going where needed. When not busy on scene i often grab my camera and do video and still photos for the company.

I run several websites for the company for the videos and pictures.