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The Ritual

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The Ritual (Public, Hourly)

The Ritual Map before the Barriers are down (click to enlarge)
  • Prerequisite - ???
  • Description - Strange cultist activity has been detected beyond the outskirts of the hive.
  • Trinkets - N/A

Periodically a name is announced, it is then up to players to find the blood crazed with that name and defeat him.
Once that is done someone (it can be anyone, not just the person who killed the named blood crazed) has to go to the alien artefact in the south west corner and activate it.
After doing that 4 times the center of the map is unblocked, once someone enters the same square as a cultist all 4 will transform into a Behemoth, defeat them.
Once all 4 Behemoths are defeated the Hive Queen spawns in the center of where they were, she's stronger than the Behemoths so keep an eye on your health while fighting her.
After she's defeated you are teleported into a chamber with Behemoths and the Hive Queen, however the raid is over, there's nothing to do there.

The Ritual Map (No Tiles) (click to enlarge)

Notes -
In the north-center of the map there is a field hospital which you can heal at twice, for 80hp each time.
DO NOT HIT THE BLOOD CRAZED. Only the named NPCs, activating the AA in between each.
Wait for everyone to join on before hitting the behemoths once all barriers are down, as this will lock the raid from further participants joining
Help complete this guide - Confirm the xp amount on each weekly reward. Confirm AA and field hospital coordinates.