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The Return of Shadress

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The Return of Shadress
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Shadress is back... let's show her the door.

The Return of Shadress Map (click to enlarge)
For a full summary, click here! Warning: Spoilers

In the past.... Shadress' strength fluctuated often, sometimes seeming more powerful than the last time. Other times, not so powerful. Those who first approached her when she first appeared were immediately crushed and sent away. Luckily, she was able to be worn down like any other human. It took many people to finally take her down. Her list of victims were extensive. But those who were able to stop her rampage would be rewarded.

Now.... Shadress has returned, defeat her by any means necessary.


Defeat Shadress


The Return of Shadress (No Tiles) (click to enlarge)
For a full walkthrough, click here! Warning: Spoilers
This Raid consists of 6 open squares that both Shadress and Players may roam. Shadress will not attack Players - making this a 'simple' defeat the boss style Raid.
  • With a total of 8,000hp, it's recommended to have multiple players take on this Raid together.

Enemy Data

Target Name Level Experience Health Possible Drops
Shadress Shadress 90 0xp 8,000hp Artifact Axe


  • Shadress will remind the Players every 4 seconds that they have no hope of stopping her.
  • You can re-enter the Raid if defeated, but must be present in the Raid when Shadress is defeated to receive your reward.
  • Released as a Halloween Raid, this Raid remained in the game.