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The Mockers

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Clan Removed
This article is about a Clan which no longer exists. Any information on this page may be out of date. It's just kept for historical purposes!

Clan has closed~

The mockers wiki top.jpg

The Mockers Banner


Clan History

The Beginning ...

The Mockers (also known as the Guild of Thieves) is a guild of thieves present upon the world of Midkemia that operate out of the Kingdom city of Krondor. Some areas in which they deal include extortion, thievery and the harboring and transportation of known criminals. They often pray to the lesser god Ban-ath for protection. Their leader often changes, but is most often known as The Upright Man and his identity is kept secret to all but a few chosen members of the guild.


The Upright Man decided to expand his operations beyond the Kingdom city of Krondor. He sent DarkXIII and jianliang on a recce mission to find a good place to expand. During the path of their travels, they stumble on a rift as they were passing through some dark alley way. Suddenly they were pulled into the rift and found themselves in an alien world with cities called Hives. Being unable to return to Midkemia, they nevertheless carried out their mission as Mockers with DarkXIII as The Upright Man and jianliang assisting DarkXIII as the Night Master creating The Mockers in a new and alien world...

Now ...

"The Mockers" is a secret operative and will remain as such. Seeing as the clan have gotten bigger, a new assistant to the leader was chosen from among the elites of the clan. After much trials, BigChief emerge through and was appointed the Night Master.

The clan is expanding and host events events every now and then. Rewards might not be much but the process is the most important part

Clan Ranks

The Upright Man - Leader

Night Master - Asst.Leader

Recruiter - Recruiter Rank

Day Master - FundsManager Rank

Tormentor - Rank 1

Assasin - Rank 2

Basher - Rank 3

Urchin - Rank 4



Night Masters


Clan Members

Coming Soon

Clan Signatures

Clan 2.jpg

1st banner mockers.jpg