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Strange Journal

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Strange Journal
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A journal that is imbued with a strange energy.


This is the personal journal of the X-Corps test subject, Aiden. What makes this journal strange and difficult to read is every time it is opened, a portal appears and rips it from your grasp before you can read to much.


When used from a players inventory, the book will be returned to the void and you will randomly receive one of the following:

Item Description
Fight def.gif Empowered Void Swap Learn the ability Empowered Void Swap (This can only be obtained once)
Small item placeholder.png Focus Increases your maximum Focus by 1 (This can be obtained ten times)
Epic blueprint.png Epic Blueprint A blueprint containing schematics and technical instructions describing how to work on a particular item using the Shadow Forge.
Special blueprint.png Godlike Blueprint A blueprint containing schematics and technical instructions describing how to work on a particular item using the Shadow Forge.
Small item placeholder.png Ability Points 480 Ability Points

Journal Entries

Journal Entries have no set order and any entry can be seen when using the Strange Journal at anytime.

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'So... what do I write here? Do I talk about what happened in the experiment? What seemed like hours in there... was barely a second here.
I still don't understand my own ability. What can I do? What am I? They said the experiment was a failure because they didn't see anything
happen. But I was gone. I wasn't here. I was in that strange place, attacked by that strange thing... before that strange man saved me. He
said to call him Dredd. What kind of name is that? Ah... whatever I'm not going to judge Dredd when I don't even know what my name is.
They only call me Test Subject 1. It was unfortunate he could not heal my face completely after the attack. My voice is a little better but it
hurts to speak now. Even the doctors here failed to do anything. So.. yeah now I'm back in my room. I don't... I don't know what the point
of this journal is. Why did he give me this?'
'I tried going back into the void by doing exactly what Dredd taught me. But somehow I ended up in a strange land, standing on top of rocky
ground surrounded by red water and engulfed by a black sky with no light. It was cold, dark, scary, and yet I felt calm. For a moment, I
thought I heard something in the distance... beyond the horizon, but before I could even take a step, someone, or something, covered in dark
purple clothes appeared in front of me. It... simply looked at me and suddenly I was back in the void, facing Dredd. I told him what happened
but he told me not to think anything of it. Dredd began training me. He said if I become strong enough, I can leave the prison I'm locked inside
one day and be free.'
'I almost lost this journal today. One of the men here wearing some kind of heavy clothing entered my room unannounced. I almost forgot
how to hide something in the void but luckily, I remembered before it was too late. I'm ...happy I guess that I didn't lose this. This journal
is all I have now that is truly mine. It is my only companion here. I can't even talk to myself. They put this mask on my face whenever they
send me back to my room. I don't think they like my scars very much. It doesn't allow me to talk either... not that my voice has healed enough
for me to talk easily anyway. One of the ...scientists called me a monster. But I'm just a kid? Anyway, I think I'll write down how to properly
store and retrieve things from the void.'
'They made me do it again, the ...experiment. I disappeared for longer this time... longer from their point of view, shorter from mine. Time
doesn't work there the way it works here. Is time even something in there? Regardless, in my brief time in the void, I didn't encounter Dredd.
Did I do it right? Maybe I need to practice his lessons more.'
'They brought in a girl today. I only saw her for a brief moment from the experimentation room but she looked like she was a few years younger
than me. Maybe 8? Well... I don't even know my own age but I think I'm young? She seemed silent. She's in the room next to mine. Or is it a
cell? I don't know. I don't even know her name yet. But that doesn't matter... all that matters is getting out of here. I don't want to be
treated like this anymore.'
'They made her do the experiment today while I was in the room. One of the scientists referred to her as Test Subject 0. Why 0 though? If I'm
the first test subject, why is her number before mine? Maybe she was more important? I don't know why that would be the case though
considering her experiment was a total failure. There was a man in the room with red hair and weird black glasses covering his eyes. He had
various people surrounding him so he was probably important, but he yelled at her. And then he yelled at one of the scientists. Perhaps all he
does is yell?'
'I can hear her screaming every night. Sometimes I enter the void just to get away from her continuous noise. All this training with Dredd is
paying off. He considers it strange that I'm mastering his lessons so quickly. But it seems to come naturally to me. Luck, I guess. I just wish
this girl would stop screaming. My face is already scarred forever, why does she have to scar my ears?'
'It's been a few times now since she's attempted the experiment, but she has never been successful. I don't hear her screaming anymore
at night, but I do hear her crying. I wonder what's wrong. Wait, no she has nothing to do with me. I need to focus on my lessons with Dredd.'
'It's been so many years... so many years in my time since I last saw Dredd. He... he was like a father to me.'
'I have to look out for her. I have to look out for us. No one else will.'
'I will kill them. I will kill them all for what they did to her.'
'There is a strange disturbance in the void lately. It seems to be in flux. Perhaps... I may be able to leave.'
'My attempt to escape failed. There's a strange barrier around this place. It's like... it's protected by something as mysterious as the void. I
can't leave. I... Dredd... I failed. Forgive me.'
'I haven't lost sight of my goal. I will leave. I will leave with her because that is the only way to protect her... to protect Aida.'


The item can be acquired from:

  • Hunting Test Subject 1: Aiden (Level 90)
  • Purchased from other Players in the Market