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The clan banner, with a scene from the film 300


Clan Bank:
103760 Credits

Total Members:
22 Members

Total / Average Level:
1842 / 84

Private Forum:
459 threads approx since April 2009 purge

stats updated November 4, 2011

The Spartans are a clan of wasteland warriors.


The clan started initially as a hideout for the most hardcore of the Dark Flame (DF) wasteland fighters, 3000 wl points per week minimum and long time DF membership. At its peak the clan had around 10 members all solid wasteland maniacs.

The clan was used by members to plan wasteland tactics, coordinate attacks, DF gossip, trash talk the always absent Black Hand etc.

In the beginning, the clan maintained a strict policy of kicking anyone that did not meet the 3k wl point criteria 3-4 weeks in a row but when more of the members became inactive the clan turned more into a old wl veteran internal admiration club. Especially in the case of yehrite, who had moved to a BH position and scoring below 100 wl points a week for months in a row.

A popular event was the "Spartan hour", it was an agreed set time of day when a majority of the Spartans would join forces in wl and toy with the other gangs.

2011 Exile

Internal struggle that shook Dark Flame at the start of the year 2011 resulted in many DF veterans to be seen as outcasts and traitors. The Spartan clan changed its requirements and its goal toward bringing a better leadership for Dark Flame in the battles to come.

Although new to this type of task, clan's actions and its impact on the wasteland affairs have attracted the attention of other gangs and staff on short notice, with Clan's forums visited by numerous staff members and postings by the game creator as well.

Some 7 months into the Exile, breaking a long silence, Dark Flame's deity Cain declared Spartans as traitors to the gang thus denouncing their goal and their means to achieve them.

2012 Return

It was decided by the Spartans that as of the new year of 2012, the Spartans would return to DF and attempt to fully reintegrate themselves with the rest of the Gang. Even after all the ups and downs, the Clan has decided to stick with DF in the next WL round, continuing to close the bridge that many thought was burnt forever.

As a single fist once more, DF grew in power, and managed to be the first to 0-Square every other Gang.

As of 0245 hrs, 7 July Server Time, Parka, a long standing Spartan, was rewarded the Warlord Rank; another step to full reintegration.


Long before the exile the Spartans were all part of the core members of DF. The clan holds several ex Black Hand and even more of the Spartans have held DF leadership positions in the old glory days of DF. The Spartans still count themselves as DF and part of the clan requirements is to be willing to return to DF once the goals are met.

The root of DF's problem from the point of view of the Spartans is that the system of selecting new BH members is a lottery, and when the lottery fails DF is left with a council that can be lazy, inactive and corrupt without any means of removing the BH member. While the other gangs all have a system to remove incompetent and unfit council members, DF lacks it. The goal of the clan is not only to remove the BH members that were responsible for the exile but also to find a permanent solution so that bad leadership is removed before it has the chance to damage DF.

Do you have what it takes to be a Spartan?

Rank Spartans that held rank in DF
Black Hand 6 members
Spy Master 3 members
Executioner 4 members
War Lord 6 members
Tax Collector 2 members
Slave Master 2 members
Rank 10 10 members
Rank 8 2 members
Game elder 4 members


Although the membership is hidden, the ranks are currently as follows (though they may change at the whim of a certain Flagg):

Rank Title Description
Leader Polemarch Hail Flagg!
AsstLeader Lochagos -
Recruiter Enomotarch -
FundsManager Hyperetes -
Rank1 Ourago -
Rank2 Pentekoster -
Rank3 Phylearch -
Rank4 Demi-Phylearch -

Quotes about Spartans

"Here is the thing they all belong in the clan called Spartans! Whilst I appreciate them being here has helped the gang, I just believe it is so wrong to watch a fellow OC die whilst helping them on there mission to 1 square DF daily. " - LitleSaint

"In fact, I can't even begin to count the number of times I've been saved by a Spartan" - Risque

"So far the spartans have been as good as their word and fought hard for oc in wl." - Waylander

"Well, by then the Spartans have a chance to move to the appropriate gang to be right next to us. You know, for their noble quest to bring better leadership to DF." - AkuTenshi

"I need to stay calm and look at facts and the FACT is OC is a better place with the spartans." - LitleSaint

"No one could really win agaisnt DF IMO opinion unless they were having their own internal issues, like now or when it takes 2 or more gangs to bring them down." - Korey

"Whats the wasteland without the spartans? A easier life for all of us." - baQsteR

"spartans control the WL" - Berzerk

"i wl more w/ spartans lately than my own chapter" - Corrosion

"They hardly seem human, the spartans.. As in, they almost don't sleep" - Xlr8

"the fact that Spartans attack DF in the WL is laughable to leadership, and they don't care about the WL as long as they have their ranks." - Goku/Matty

" i feel bad that truly loyal df can't talk sence into DF overseer" - Larse

"How can we have fun when BoD wins each map easily thanks to the spartans? " - TheGeneral

Wasteland action

WL Round 2 of 2011, Spartans in OC:

The Spartans fought alongside OC in the new Map, the first with Sentries. After 2 months, despite TC being very close to victory, holding all 3 objectives for half of the round, OC wasn't going down without a fight. The Spartans didn't take kindly to anything that isn't first place either. So a Green Fest was devised; a month long campaign to tip the scales, to show their power.

With the Spartans spearheading the campaign, the conquest began. Squares were taken, Buildings were put up, and mercy was thrown out the window.

The end result was not just seeing OC going from the last position to the first, making that month the most points earned by any Gang. OC made a new record; beating DF's 150 Square Count at any given time. They were also the first Gang to 1-Square 2 separate Gangs, nearly bringing all 3 Gangs to their knees. OC did this, but it was the Spartans that ensured that it happened.

A screenshot of the wasteland during GreenFest 2011

WL Round 3 of 2011, Spartans in TC:

The Spartans, getting fed up with the hate campaign being propagated from the BH, decided to put them in their place. Nemesis decided that the Spartans needed to show DF that hate is not the way. TC's council was willing to carry out the plan with the Spartans, whom donated the WL points needed. The result, shown below, is known as the "Leonidas' Smile".

A screenshot of the smile inspired by Spartans while in TC




Dev Server

There is supposedly a Spartan Clan on the Development Server as well, though not much is known about it nor has it been possible to find out any more.

Who they are and what affiliations they have with the Spartans on the Main Server, only a handful know and the rest of us to wonder.