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Snow Cones

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Snow Cones
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While exploring the frozen lake, you hear a strange jingle. The snow is coming down pretty hard but maybe you should investigate.

Snow Cones Map (click to enlarge)
For a full summary, click here! Warning: Spoilers

One day in the Hive, it was reported a massive snow storm was approaching and is currently over a Frozen Lake on the outskirts - such a strange situation led to groups of people heading out to check things out.

As you approach the Lake, you begin to hear a strange jingle - shortly after you find yourself in front of a Snow Cone Maker. Man, you haven't seen one of these since you got one for the Holidays as a young child. Not to far to the south of it, you find yourself a piece of candy. You begin to think to yourself....with a few of these, you might just be able to get that Snow Cone Maker working and have a treat while checking things out.

You head a bit east and as you look to the north a bit, you see what could only be described as a Knight covered in snow and ice, frost-like even. As you approach it just stands there like a statue, but a piece of candy just happens to be nearby. Picking it up you find yourself that much closer to a delicious snow cone. As you place it in your pocket, you notice a grave close by - so you head over.

"Herein lies all the undelivered promises and the podcast Zach was gonna do." Zach...? Podcasts...? THE Zach?!? You think back to the near 10 Podcasts hosted by Zach in the Hive, but after not to long - you begin to shiver wishing you brought a better jacket. Better continue exploring for the time being.

Not too far south from the last candy you came across, you see another Frost Knight standing in front of another one. You pick up the candy and while there, you give the Frost Knight a good nudge for fun only to have it punch you right after. The Frost Knight was alive?! But it didn't seem to do anything until you hit it...guess they're some sort of defense for something?

As you contemplate killing the Frost Knight, you hear some almost evil laughing in the distance, you peak around the corner and see a Shadowy figure of an old goat-man-thing. Unsure of what is going on, you slowly back away and head back to the Snow Cone Maker with your candy in hand.

As you approach the Snow Cone Maker with enough candy to manage a single treat, you notice something in the distance...another candy?! Why stop with 1 Snow Cone when you could have 2! You head to the west and pick it up. While there, you faintly hear something again not too far away. You head a bit south and spot another one of those shadowy figures blocking some candy. With nothing but Snow Cones on the mind, you sneak past to grab it and start heading back north. I mean, you could have taken him - he looks like a wimp, but you have more pressing matters to handle.

Not to far north from the candy you find another one of the Shadowy figures? Why are there so many of them here? and what could they possibly be doing... Just past it though, another candy! With this one, you'll be able to make 2 full Snow Cones for sure. Knowing what you must do, you grab it and keep running north until you come across another Grave. Curious as to who else's poscast careers have been buried here - you go to read it. But once you get close you feel a strange energy and immediately are teleported into a house.

You exit the house to find yourself surrounded by presents! Hot dam, free presents?! This is even better than Snow Cones! You reach over to pick one up and as you go to open it, it bites your's alive?!? The soul of a mimic seems to be inhabiting the present. You defeat it and inside find a piece of charcoal. The curiosity takes over though, so you try opening some more defeating 2 more mimics with Pie Mix and some Flour inside before finding a legit present! Looks like a ticket from Toys Inc., the factory that for some reason only runs in December. While placing it into your pocket, you notice the Snow Cone Maker just a bit south from the house - so you make your way back to it.

The time has finally come...everything you've worked for, it's time to Cone it up! You put 3 pieces of candy into the Snow Cone Maker and seconds later a large multi-tiered snowman appears and begins flailing it's stick arms everywhere. This could be dangerous for you decide to destroy it. You attack the Abomination of a snowman knocking it down 1 tier at a time. It takes a bit, but you manage to finish it off without much trouble.

With that out of the way, you realize you never did get your snow you head back to the Machine only to find the other 3 candies you had are gone?! And right next to the machine appears to be a portal of sorts? Interested you enter and a teleported into a dark room. Trying to see through the dark room, you move forward a bit to find 3 shadowy figures that appear to be dressed as Santa standing in front of a council of sorts made of Rahpaz (Zaphar's Brother), Dredd (The Leader of the Shadow Hunters), and a mysterious one with red skin in the center.

Is this what is causing the Snow storm you saw outside? You try to talk, but find yourself with no responses and only weapons being drawn. You attack one of the Santa looking ones and within seconds realize you are no match. You turn around and run finding another portal in the corner of the dark room. Entering it seemed to teleport you back to the Snow Cone Maker.

You might not know what's going on, but you know what needs to be may just need some reinforcements if you want to handle this...


Defeat Abominus


Snow Cones (No Tiles) (click to enlarge)
For a full walkthrough, click here! Warning: Spoilers

You begin the Raid starting on square 7,10

Move to 6,12
Collect Candy

Move to 10,3
Collect Candy

(Optional) Move to 12,1
Defeat Frost Knight (Level 80) x2

Move to 14,0
Click "F" on Grave

(Optional) Move to 11,11
Defeat Frost Knight (Level 80) x2

Move to 10,11
Collect Candy

(Optional) Move to 13,14
Defeat Shadow Krampus (Level 85)

Move to 1,8
Collect Candy

(Optional) Move to 4,13
Defeat Frost Knight (Level 80) x2

(Optional) Move to 2,13
Defeat Shadow Krampus (Level 85)

Move to 1,13
Collect Candy

(Optional) Move to 2,3
Defeat Shadow Krampus (Level 85)

Move to 1,2
Collect Candy

(Optional) Move to 0,2
Defeat Frost Knight (Level 80) x2

Move to 0,0
Teleports Player to 7,3

(Optional) Move to 8,3
Defeat Mimic (Level 40)

(Optional) Move to 7,2
Defeat Mimic (Level 40)

(Optional) Move to 6,3
Defeat Mimic (Level 40)

Move to 7,4
Defeat Mimic (Level 40)

(Optional) Open a Gift Box
Open one of the Gift Boxes surrounding the house on 7,3

Move to 7,8
Click "Cone it up!"

(Solo Run [Option 1]) Stay on 7,8
Click "Cone it up!" a second time to spawn an infinite use hospital on 7,10

(Solo Run [Option 1]) Move to 7,9
Defeat Abominus (Level 35)

(Solo Run [Option 1]) Move to 8,9
Complete Raid (You can go around and clear any skipped enemies and heal using Hospital as needed first)

(Group Run [Option 2]) Move to 7,9
Defeat Abominus (Level 35)

(Group Run [Option 2]) Move to 7,7
Teleports Player to 9,7

(Group Run [Option 2]) Move to 9,5
Defeat Shadow Klauz (Level 80)

(Group Run [Option 2]) Move to 8,4
Defeat Shadow Klauz (Level 80)

(Group Run [Option 2]) Move to 10,4
Defeat Shadow Klauz (Level 80)

(Group Run [Option 2]) Move to 10,7
Teleports Player to 6,7

(Group Run [Option 2]) Move to 8,9
Complete Raid


  • Mini Moo Juices dropped by Shadow Krampus are 0t while ones dropped by Abominus are 2t
  • The Hospital (When spawned) provides infinite heals
  • Enemies found within this raid do not prevent you from moving and you can walk past them without having to fight
  • Snow Cones was first released in December 2021


While the current attack system doesn't allow for players to see full character models in Raids, full models of the Snow Cones enemies were created and can be seen below.

Mimic Frost Knight Shadow Krampus Abominus Shadow Klauz
Mimic.png Knight.png Krampus fae.png I snowman.png Santa form fading.png