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Account Deleted
This account name no longer exists on the game. It's just kept for historical purposes! If you have any questions please contact the Wiki Admin.


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Valentines Outfit!One of my other Sigs!Valentines Outfit!
One of my favorite artists!

My name's Scott I was born in Rochdale. My Aim in the future is to be an Environmental Health Officer. I suppose I'm re-doing this biography because of the way I've changed over the past time I wrote this well over a year ago...Then changed it, now I'm redoing it- again! A few of my Likes and Dislikes I think! My favorite films are V for Vendetta and Van Helsing. Not sure why but they're the most watched! I love Music too! I listen to every genre but my favorite has to be deadmau5 but I also listen to a lot of other things like rave, techno, trance, bassline and the list continues. I pretty much vary when it comes to music as there pretty much nothing I don't like apart from metal and major Rn'B. I watch odd T.V. too, again my favorites are very wide apart I mean I like Waterloo Road, Chuck, House and so on the list goes on. So that's music, film and T.V. covered... I suppose I could mention a few odd things like I'm currently learning to drive and well... I really don't know I tried to make this bio a lot less .. wordy so yeah I think that happened :P

Thanks for reading, and sorry if I bored you to death! If you would like to know more or would just like to ask anything then hit me a mail in-game. Also if you need to talk to me when I'm off-line or have a concern about legacy and it's systems you can email me on: EmailScott.png . Smiley 19.gif

Another Sig!One of my other Sigs!
Below are a few of my Character Designs and Signatures I use across Legacy and DEV!
My new updated design! My Halloween/November 5th Costume My Xmas Design
Old Designs (.gif system)
My Normal Staff DesignValentines Outfit! New Years Design! My St. Patrick's day design! My Halloween/November 5th Costume Easter Design!Halloween 2010!
One of My sigs! One of My sigs! My Dev Sig!