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Name changes

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A name change can be brought with 44,995 Platinum in the platinum store.

For 75 days the player's previous name will be unavailable for someone else to change to. Players searching that name will redirect to the profile with their new name, their profile will have a note that they have recently name changed from their old name.

After a set amount of time these features come to an end and their profile shows no sign of a name change, because of this it can become confusing to remember just who everyone is so this page has been created to track name changes.

This page will rely on staff to keep updated, if you are not yet listed, please contact the Wiki Admin Staff Member for an update.

Records only extend back to May 5th 2013.

  • If you are on this list and do not want to be feel free to remove yourself, if you are unsure how please contact a wiki moderator to do it for you.
  • To quickly find a specific name change press CTRL + F this will open your browser's search function where you can put either their new or old name.

Name changes before this record (incomplete)

Date Previous Name New Name
20th May 2013 00:07 Kuma Tosh
20th May 2013 15:52 Ryan JimSaville
23rd May 2013 21:31 Tampon NinoBrown
24th May 2013 21:22 SLAUGHTER Rambo
31st May 2013 13:03 WATRDAGR DeathLeKid
6th June 2013 11:29 Cell TheDoctor
7th June 2013 13:09 Serenity Cornholio
19th June 2013 19:27 Vegeta Decowski
26th June 2013 08:50 Gary g0d
29th June 2013 11:27 k3nny Samcro
8th July 2013 15:03 Trunks Vinny
14th July 2013 02:37 Lito Deimos
14th July 2013 19:59 Gohan Chronos
14/02/15 Robert UnicornBob
02/05/20 Zoe Katya
 ???  ???  ???

Name changes since this record (complete)

Date (MM/DD/YY) Previous Name New Name
Example date MM/DD/YY Example name 1 Example name 2
 ???  ???  ???