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Legacy 2018

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Here's the winners and how many votes they got for 2018! (For Past Votes click here)

Best PVP Assassin
Merlin (5 Votes)

Most Liked Player
Bonghitter (6 Votes)

Most Hated Player
Larry (12 Votes)

Funniest Player

Most Annoying Player
Crippler (5 Votes)

Most Talkative Player
Hellbound (7 Votes)

Most Helpful Player
Prominent (6 Votes)

Biggest Forum Spammer
Aaron (7 Votes)

Most Valuable Gang Member
Varamin (5 Votes)

Most Valuable Gang Leader
DBall13 (8 Votes)

Best Lowbie
QuarEagle (3 Votes)

Worst Lowbie
Salty (4 Votes)

Best Staffard
Will (9 Votes)

Best Character Design
Larry (6 Votes)

Best Gang
Outcasts (6 Votes)

Lifetime Achievement Award
Steven & Sparky (3 Votes Each)

Most Missed Player

Best WL Gang
Outcasts (10 Votes)

Best WL Killer
darp (6 Votes Each)

Most Hated WL Player
matt770 (5 Votes)

WL Running Shoes Award
Bigchaos (6 Votes)

Biggest Ego
Aaron (4 Votes)

Biggest Gang Hopper
Predator (13 Votes Each)

Biggest Moaner
Pillage (5 Votes)

Best Creator
Unicornbob (7 Votes)

Most Valuable WL non-avatar
Legoman (3 Votes)

Best Signature
CroFighter (3 Votes)