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Legacy Wiki has very basic rules. Anyone trying to moderate the contents should try to stick to these 3 key rules at all times as they will govern this site. Naturally, there are various language rules to take in to consideration, but that goes without saying. Stick to these rules and you will not go wrong. TOS Applies to the Wiki so don't think you can use that escape route!

No Secrets

We do not govern what can and cannot be published here; item stats and such are fine, as long as it abides by the other rules on this page.

Fact not Opinion

This site is for detailing facts, not opinions; nobody cares what you think. We only care about what you know. Do not speculate or write works of fiction here. Whether or not you like the subject you choose to write about is irrelevant.

Legacy Related

The most important rule: articles should only be written here detailing the history of Legacy and its current state. Other subjects in close relation are fine, but do not wander off too far when writing articles.