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Hive Bank

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Hive Bank.PNG

Example of the Hive Bank screen

The Hive Bank is where you can transfer credits or Platinum to other players.

  • You can find the bank at Sector 1 then Hive Bank, clicking your credits, or on your quick links if you have it there.


The box is for transfers only. You can transfer credits by typing in the amount of credits or Platinum you want to trade (the first box) and the account name of the player you want to transfer to (the second box). This requires you to be at least level 5. Be warned, scammers often try to steal money from you by using this. To be safe, use the market, no matter what the excuse is!

  • NOTE: Multi-account concerns are highly monitored by Voluntary Help. Use caution when transferring with players that share an IP Address. Contact a member of the Voluntary Help beforehand to ensure safety.


In the past players had credits in hand and credits in the bank. When attacking a player there was a chance to steal credits in hand if the attack was successful. The only purpose for the bank at this time is to send credits or Platinum.