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History of the Hive

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History of the Hive

A documentary by Nitrous

Version I

Notes from the Author

As Legacy has expanded with game updates and new systems we have seen it change a lot. However, we have never seen any history behind Legacy Hive; which is why I have decided to write about it. Since Zorg never laid down any real history beforehand, what we say pretty much can go! We’re not going to pull anything too crazy though, sorry to disappoint. This will not be like Excalibur, which was an attempt to introduce a new update to Zorg and the players at the same time. Instead of using people from Legacy, we’re going to be using the fictional characters of Legacy. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the History of the Hive!

Chapter 1: Building a Legacy

Section I: Construction

A Hero Arises

In 2100 Earth became overpopulated and soon people were rioting. Chaos consumed the world and genocide broke out. A low-class architect, named Tyran, stepped up and offered a solution in 2102; build a city vertically. Construction began on Tyran’s vertical city since most of the United States had approved it. A certain organization known as X-Corp was a major contributor, under the conditions that they were allowed to operate in what would be called Legacy. In 2104 Legacy was completed and Tyran was no longer a low-class architect. Legacy opened its grand doors to anyone who would help make it run efficiently. Scientists, shop keeps and doctors were the first people allowed into Legacy.

The Science Division

The Science Division was in Sector 2 and here the scientists researched cures for diseases. In 2385 it was shutdown by Zorg, who was then in charge of Legacy. His reasoning was budgetary cutbacks. All scientists were shipped off to Excalibur Hive where they could continue their research.

The Shop Keeps Arrive

People wanted to invest in Legacy, so X-Corp set up three shops in Sector 2. Mac’s Rare Items, Cybernetics Depot and a real estate office. X-Corp bought up property all over Legacy. Mac’s Rare Items was soon combated by Joe’s Merchandise which established itself in Sector 3. Legacy’s net worth sky rocketed as people bought up property around Legacy.

Sector 1 Opens'

Sector 1 was opened a year after Legacy was completed. The Hospital, Library, Museum, Syndicate Building, Police Station and the Hall of Records were up and running. At the Syndicate Building, Tyran would run Legacy with his council beside him. At the Hospital, doctors would test out the cures developed by the scientists in the Science Division. The Library and Hall of Records would work together in gathering information about Legacy. The Museum preserved the 21st century. The Police Station was where the Hive Police worked and reported, its usage was rare until 2112 when a nuclear holocaust ravaged the earth and people fled to the hives.

Excalibur Hive

In 2110, Excalibur Hive is built as an answer to the gloating Tyran’s Legacy. The Knights of the Round Table, which revived itself in the late 21st Century, funded the building of Excalibur to protect the royal family. Tyran, angered by this, ordered Seraph to start work on constructing Phoenix Hive in the west United States.

Phoenix Hive

Phoenix Hive was built as an answer to Excalibur; however Seraph, Tyran’s apprentice in architecture, had bought cheap materials to build it so it was poorly constructed. Phoenix Hive was completed in 2111 and a year later, in 2112, it collapsed during the nuclear holocaust on Earth. The Phoenix Shell designs from Phoenix Hive were retrieved and X-Corp began their research into it.

Chapter 2: Changes

Section I: The Incident

Nuclear Holocaust

In 2112 a nuclear holocaust rained down on Earth. One accidental missile launch caused global panic. People fled to the Hives as the nukes fell and Phoenix Hive collapsed. This did not turn the earth into a desolate wasteland, but it sped up global warming quite a bit. As they would later learn, Nuclear Warfare would be Legacy's downfall.

Tyran Abandons Legacy

With rioting in Sector 3 and shops closing to go to other hives, Tyran and Cerb abandoned Legacy for the off-plane where they would hide for centuries to come.

Section II: The Mob Arrives

Big Al Versus X-Corp

A man named Big Al came into Legacy around 2142 and bought up the last of the property in Legacy. Including the shop where Mac’s Rare Items used to be. Mac was fed up with Joe’s Merchandise and packed up to go to Excalibur Hive in 2138. Big Al established an illegal and secret gun running operation. The Hive Police had no time to investigate due to the overflow in Sector 3, where people were rioting. X-Corp was angered by this but could do nothing to stop them.

The Agreement

Though X-Corp disliked combating the mob, they realized that the increase in weaponry inside the hive was leading to a large demand for protection equipment. With all the property in Legacy bought up, X-Corp closed the real estate office and opened Armors R’ Us. People flocked to the shops and increased X-Corp’s revenue ten-fold. Finally Sythe and Big Al sat down and made an agreement. The mob could continue their gun running and X-Corp would sell melee based weapons. Of course the mob agreed and Weapons Point was established in Sector 2 as well. Afterwards, the mob officially established Guns Shipping where they could import and export guns legally.

Section III: Rise of Gangs

Flames & Books

Two gangs rose in the hive as weapons increased. First The Chapter arose followed by the Dark Flame. The Chapter, in Dark Flame’s eyes, was a pathetic attempt at seizing power. They hated each other from the beginning; with Dark Flame’s dictatorship and The Chapter’s bureaucracy this would soon put Legacy under tremendous stress.

The Dawn Rises

With The Chapter full of corrupt leaders and the Dark Flame holding no honor and lack of say, a new gang formed that followed a samurai code. The Blade of Dawn. These warriors would punish anyone who dare dishonor the gang, and they followed very strict rituals. One could still voice their opinions, just not be dishonorable.

Let Freedom Ring

A radical group, that remained rogue, decided to band together and robbed Cybernetics Depot in Sector 2. They killed the owner and stole all his schematics and cybernetic parts. They officially formed the Outcasts, a gang of freedom for all and you can voice whatever opinions, whenever and no consequences. The leaders had limited power.

Freedom versus Honor = Battle Royale

As one can imagine, when Blade of Dawn got wind of the Outcasts knocking over Cybernetics Depot, they were furious. They called for the first Global Gang Senate meeting at the Syndicate building. After a lengthy session, the Outcasts were not punished. This infuriated Blade of Dawn and they became arch rivals.

Section IV: Warfare


Legacy was thrust into panic when the gangs started fighting for territory. Sector 3 went from somewhat peaceful, to a rioting district. Hive Police were being killed left and right. Finally Zaphar, chief of police, stepped up and offered a solution; let them fight over the wasteland once called earth. The gangs discussed it lengthily and finally agreed to fight for the territory in the wastelands. The Legacy council, under the control of Seraph, released a new shielding technology that would protect anyone in wasteland. It was tested a few times with some minor sacrifices, as long as you consider human life a minor sacrifice. X-Corp offered up quite a bit of money to the project and asked permission to create some interesting items for warfare in the wasteland.

Section V: Diplomacy


Soon however, it became apparent that the four gangs could not be trusted and needed a council member, unbiased towards any gang, to monitor the actions of each gang. So the first gang representatives were established and Dark Flame was infuriated by the disrespect showed towards their master Cain. Unlike all the other gangs, Dark Flame relied on their deity to select a worthy Black Hand. With a gang representative present, they knew he would be trouble, especially if he interfered with who was selected for Black Hand. So the Black Hand banded together and assassinated their first gang representative and chaos erupted again. All gang representatives were withdrawn from their offices. The Chapter, Blade of Dawn and Outcasts all got the idea to assassinate their gang representatives as well and even though they failed, they succeeded in running them out. Cain was infuriated by their actions, killing a council member would lead to a war with the Legacy Council itself.

At War

The inevitable war with the Legacy Council ensued, all four gangs turned on the Legacy Council while still fighting each other. The Chapter and Blade of Dawn joined forces creating the first alliance. Dark Flame made a pseudo pact with Outcasts, this ‘pact’ would lead to their downfall near the end of the war. The Legacy Council was unable to defeat the gangs and was wiped out entirely. After the defeat of the Legacy Council, the gangs returned to the wasteland and resumed their fighting. The Chapter broke their alliance with the Blade of Dawn and nearly wiped out their whole base before Blade of Dawn retaliated. The Chapter and Outcasts front was silent for reasons unknown…Dark Flame grew suspicious of this silence.

New Gang Representatives

Since the disappearance of Tyran and Cerb; Seraph, Sythe and Big Al banded together to solve the loss of the Legacy Council. They named themselves the Lower Trustees. The first order of business would be to rebuild the Legacy Council and establish a form of order in Legacy. The new Legacy Council was built up with Zorg, Dk16, PaulTech, Deeg and Mehean. The next thing to do was appoint gang representatives and set up a meeting with all four gangs to lay down the ground rules.

Gang Senate

The four gangs agreed to a gang senate. Each gang had several guards for their leaders and council members; they were accompanied by their new representatives. It was discussed and agreed upon that the representatives were only there to observe and report, nothing more. Order was re-established inside Legacy…for now.

Chapter 3: Legacy Grows

Section I: Homecoming

Peace on Earth

By 2160, the radiation on Earth was almost gone. Those who had fled to the hives returned to Earth and began building communities and governments up. Legacy needed the relief because of the overflow and riots in Sector 3. Due to Earth’s renewal, the four gangs were now fighting without limitations due to radiation. The areas surrounding the Hive still remained a gang battleground and with no radiation to keep people from being in there extensively warfare exploded. Constant mobilization of guards and troops and land was being exchanged like it was money. Civilization lived on though, but that would soon be tested.

Global Warming

Something completely unexpected swept across the globe in 2230. There were theories and rumors that global warming had been going on for some time, but what was never taken into account was what the mass radiation did to it. The planet plunged into meltdown causing mass floods and extreme heat. Earth was deemed inhabitable and chaos ensued, sending people back to the hives yet again.

Border Patrol

Legacy had learned a thing or two since the nuclear holocaust. They had set up a sort of customs office for refugees. If you were deemed a waste a space you were sent back to the dreaded wasteland that was once Earth. People fled to Excalibur Hive as well, where most were welcomed with opened arms. The refugees, however, overpowered the customs office and the Legacy guard and fought their way into the Hive. Sector 3 became overcrowded again, and rioting sparked.

Section II: Economic Growth


Strangely enough, the mass overflow of people created a greater need for protection equipment. In 2242 there was an economic boom inside Legacy. X-Corp and the mob began making more backroom deals on weaponry. Big Al mentioned he could get a few new weapons into the hive, but he wanted them to be rare so he mentioned a new idea of purchase. Something that involved the wasteland and gangs, a points system that accumulated in a private account. Big Al ordered these new weapons and leaked a couple into the gang markets.


The biggest issue for Big Al and Sythe was Zaphar, the chief of police. Though there was rioting in Sector 3, he started an investigation into some of the questionable experiments performed by X-Corp and the illegal importations by the mob. Zaphar lost his sanity when he confronted the Blind Seer in the Dark Alleyway. This confrontation was set up by Big Al and X-Corp to get rid of him, but only succeeded in making him insane. This proved useful when it came to controlling the police chief. Zaphar now sits as a member of the Lower Trustees.


Even though Zaphar now sat as a member of the Lower Trustees, his investigations had lead to a decrease in sales and the seizing of mass amounts money that belonged to the mob and X-Corp. Legacy’s economy started to recede rapidly plunging Sector 2 and Sector 3 into even more rioting.


Zaphar managed to save his head in 2280 when he finally was able to release all the money that was seized during his investigations. He also had all investigations into X-Corp erased and all evidence wiped. With X-Corp no longer under suspicion they began their experiments again.

Section III: Gangs

New Items

In 2300 X-Corp released gang weapons and also released a status meter that all members of Legacy were required to wear. The gang weapons were only purchasable if in that gang, and you needed a certain amount of reputation with that gang to buy the weapon and the upgrades for the weapon. This reputation was recorded on the status meter that was mandatory for all members of Legacy.

Status Meter

The status meter was released in 2300 and recorded the data of the member wearing it. This status meter contained your rank, amount of warfare points, gang reputation and experience. It also had access to your bank account to withdraw and deposit credits. Being mandatory for all members of Legacy, it was sold relatively cheap.

Warfare Becomes a Problem

With no radiation to keep the gangs in check, warfare raged on and on and on. The hospital was overcrowded with patients and money was being wasted all over. So the Lower Trustees discussed it further and further and finally came up with a solution. They closed the wasteland for a week and flooded it with radiation; enough to give radiation poisoning but not kill you. Before wasteland was re-opened a warning sign was posted that a nuclear power plant had gone into meltdown and the wasteland was now full of radiation. Access to the wasteland was prohibited if you didn’t have the special radiation masks designed by X-Corp.

Warfare Still a Problem

The gangs were fighting all over and it was difficult to track their movements throughout each section of the wasteland. Another gang senate was called for and the gangs discussed how to keep focus on one section. They mentioned an idea to close off the entrances to three of the four sections and open only one at a time. This idea was brought to the Legacy Council and was approved.

Chapter 4: Downfall

Section I: Alien Artifacts


In 2356, unidentified falling objects came down from space. Some grazed Legacy Hive and one struck the communications center. The communications center was heavily damaged and deemed as irreparable.


Seraph, Sythe, Big Al and Zaphar, now known as the Lower Trustees, offered a reward to any gang that retrieved the most information from the fallen objects that landed in the wastelands. The gangs immediately rushed to the wastelands and fought their way to the U.F.O.’s that were marked on the map. After several months of fighting, the Dark Flame won the reward after discovering the objects were actually alien craft. They also discovered that it increased their health but the Lower Trustees quickly seized that information and ordered guards to stop any further investigation by the gangs.

New Power

In 2369, the Lower Trustees released the new found power of the Alien Artifacts. The gangs could increase the health of their members by 20%. This had all the gangs running for the wastelands and ready to kill for the Alien Artifact. X-Corp needed to expand their market so they could make more money off the wastelands. Sythe ordered his scientists to start researching into new weapons.

Section II: Warfare Weapons

Warfare Points

Sythe presented an idea called ‘Warfare Points’ to the Seraph and Zaphar during a meeting of the minds in 2410. It would require an update for all status meters so that they could record the total warfare points of each member of Legacy Hive. Sythe did not say what they would be used for.


2418, the Lower Trustees needed to appoint a new supervisor to Legacy Hive. The Overseer of Dark Flame was called upon to take the seat of Legacy Supervisor. Zorg was the obvious choice as he was uncaring, heartless and cruel. The Lower Trustees knew he would not interfere with their agendas.

Warfare Weapons

X-Corp released Warfare Weapons into Legacy Hive at the beginning of 2424. However, a virus was released by a group of rebellious rogues throughout the Status Meters, which wiped out warfare points for all members of Legacy Hive. X-Corp pressured Zaphar to open an investigation into the matter. Meanwhile, gangs flocked to the wastelands so they could boost their warfare points.

Virus Investigation

Zaphar’s investigation ended in success. The rogues were employees of the Hacking center. Unfortunately when Zaphar and the rest of the Hive Police raided the homes of said rogues, they all were killed. They were said to have had weapons and were aiming to kill.

Chapter 5: New Term


Zorg began his century long term as Legacy Supervisor in 2500. It started with a bang as Legacy was now isolated from the rest of the world. Since the communications center was destroyed there had been no other way to contact any other Hives. Supplies were running low and no one could tell how many Hives survived the falling Alien Artifacts. Legacy was dying.


Within the first five years, Zorg successfully put forth and had passed several ideas to increase supplies within Legacy Hive. Soylent Green was among the first things created. Weapons Recycling was also brought to Legacy Hive in order to gain more material. Legacy was booming yet again.

The Chronicle of Blood

In 2511 the Lower Trustees released a book called the Chronicle of Blood, to bring Tyran and Cerb out of hiding. The book mentioned an 18th century philosopher who led a cult known as the Brotherhood of Blood. However this information was false, but the Lower Trustees needed Tyran to return so they praised him. Yes the Chronicle of Blood, though interesting, is a piece of fiction. Tyran did not see it as an act of praise and returned to keep the Lower Trustees in line. It was too late to fix anything; over half of Legacy had already received the book.


Following Tyran and Cerb’s return was X-1025, a robot that was created by Cerb to protect himself and his master, Tyran. X-1025 was equipped with a Barrage Launcher and a Radiation Cannon.


A killer for hire named Lisha appeared in Sector 3. She was a ruthless assassin who had already picked off a few members of Legacy Hive. She became such a problem for the Lower Trustees that they offered her a seat on the council.

The Blue Pill

A recent invention implemented by X-Corp was the Blue Pill. This marvelous achievement removes exposure for a small fee of 600 warfare points. Legacy Residents can also remove exposure at the hospital for less cost! The debate now rages on whether or not they should be on the open market or kept private.

The Focus Refill

Not to long after the breakthrough of the Blue Pill by X-Corp, they also created the Focus Refill. This little syringe is filled with compressed energy that is like an energy shot for Avatars that completely restores their focus. Letting them perform more actions of that of the Avatar.


Some time after Tyran returned, an unknown entity known as Ventrix appeared. All that is known about him is that he traverses the "timeless void" and is known as the "Observer." Nobody knows where he originated or what he wants. All that is known is that he has destroyed countless number of victims to get caught in his crosshairs.

The Future

Legacy still expands today and even though they have yet to re-establish communications with other hives, they still live on. The gangs still fight down in the wastelands and the rogues continue to give them trouble. The Lower Trustees, now knocked down a peg, still run Legacy but are more cautious as to how they run it.


Zorg Vader Scott

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