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Done To Death

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The Done to Death, more commonly known as "DtD," thread is located in the Suggestion Forum on Legacy. You can find it here

Below this, there is a list of "Done to Death" topics:

These are ideas/suggestions that have been posted several times before and therefore need not be rehashed multiple times again.

Some ideas have been rejected for some reason by Admin or have been taken into consideration for future implementation.

Regardless, there's no need for more threads on these suggestions.

The reason for the DtD is two-fold:

1/ Some ideas have been posted so often, there is nothing left to discuss on them anymore. This may include: good ideas that may be considered at some future point or ideas that Admin do not approve of.

2/ Some ideas are just so far out to lunch, that they would never, ever be utilized in the game, so they are listed as there is no further reason to discuss them.

Some players have the misguided notion that once something is added to the DtD list it will never be considered, which is completely wrong. Do you really think Admin will read thru page after page of threads, or would they sooner scan thru the DtD to see what suggestions have been made the most often to see what players are requesting? Stop and actually think about this, before making some comment!

The DtD listing is now also located on the Wiki in an attempt to make it even more conveniant by being able to search for anything in the thread all at once instead of having to go through various pages.


Done to Death Listing

Below is a list of all subjects that have been Done to Death, grouped by category.

Done to Death

Eliminate The DtD Thread

This stupid idea pops up every so often, and is not only spam but complete player ignorance as to the reason behind DtD. Even suggestions that are valid don't require post after post ad ininfitum. Once it has been suggested XX number of times, there's no further reason to keep rehashing it over and over. Stop and actually think about that and understand why the DtD thread is here!

Eliminate The Suggestion Forum

These comments come up every so often, and are just spam. The Suggestion Forum was implemented as this allows a wider divergence of opinion than the old ticket system did; and allows for discussion and other pov to be brought up in regards to a specific suggestion. The Suggestions Forum will be remaining.


Gang Choice Upon Joining

The game assigns new players randomly and automatically distributes them in such a way that the gangs' sizes are balanced for membership size. Allowing players or referred players to join whichever gang they wanted to upon joining the game, would seriously unbalance the game as one gang would end up much larger than the others.

Rogue Gang

Rogues aren't going to get a gang for themselves, Rogues stay out of gangs for their own reasons, not so they can join another one.

Armouries/Gang Weapon Storage

This has been suggested time and time again, even back when clans were the only system. Yes it does have some merit to it, however, if it was going to be implemented, it would've been already.

Reputation Reset

An idea for being able to reset your reputation by having to spend X number of credits, or buying X weeks of subtime or some other type of compensation to the game; so that you can more easily join another gang. Admin have clearly indicated that a reputation reset will NOT be happening, as it is not supposed to be an easy, trivial matter to change gangs. The system works the way it works for a reason, if you want to reset your reputation, you have to do it the hard way.

Gang Mass Mails

The question is if they would be of value or not? Admin has however put the kybosh on this idea as they feel it would lead to more Inbox spam.

Specialized Gang Abilities

Where each gang has it's own unique ability. Zorg: "This was originally planned as part of the gang system but removed due to balance concerns. We have no plans right now to review that decision."

Another Gang

Having more than 4 gangs. Either a 5th one or more. Not happening!

Gang Market / Gang Bank / Gang Armoury

Specialized market or armoury for storage of items and gear that can be given and/or sold only to gang members. These would run independent of the main market and stores. A gang bank has also been suggested to replace clan banks, however that would bring up another whole set possible issues and ways to be abused. None of these are not under consideration by Admin at this time.

Stop Gang Hopping/Gang Changing

Some restriction in place which would control how often a player could switch gangs or how long a player must remain in a gang or some other restriction in this same vein. Introduce some coding and/or penalties to prevent or deter players from changing gangs more frequently than every 3 months (or some other time frame). This could include financial penalties, reduction in abilities, reduction in HP or reduction in some other stats for a set time period. Any and all other possible permutations of penalizing someone for exercising their freedom of choice if they wish to leave their current gang for whatever reason. It's their 500c, so it's their choice.

Stop Gang Joining

Some restriction in place which would control if a player could join a particular gang or not. This could be in the form of a control available to each gang leader which would block a specific player from joining that gang or some other game code which would accomplish more or less the same thing. It's the player's 500c, let them spend it how they wish and where they wish to go. VERY obvious why this is a bad idea.

Gang Votes

Get refunds, Longer/shorter times. Think of Votes like the mafia...once you're in, you're in. Zorg will add/remove new stuff as he sees fit. At this point, gang votes are perfect as they are.

Multiple Favours

Multiple favours for rank 11 or 12's . We don't need to know why you need it; you will have to deal with how it currently is unless Zorg changes it.

Increase Gang Joining Fee

This is partially covered under: Stop Gang Hopping/Gang Changing; however it apparently needs to be clarified: this has been more than endlessly debated, discussed, suggested, etc. more than most other topics. We can now put this to rest as there is no legitimate reason to change this. There's no real "spying" that can occur or other catastrophic consequences from having people join and leave a gang. Sit back, relax and PLAY, it's a game.

Spreading the Gang Favours

Council members and other ranks in the Gangs can dispense gang favour on a daily basis to those they feel deserve it. The suggestion has been made that rather than give just one member the favour, the favour could be split up among several gang members. Whether this is better than the current system is something that would require investigation. Admin have said, for the present that this would not be implemented.

Gang Rank 14 (War Advisor) Abilities

Expanding the commands that this rank is able to use in the WL, such as being able to activate the objectives.


Clan Wars

Clan wars aren't going to happen. There is no easy way a system could be made, and most clans are not permanent. Go join a gang, and go to the Wastelands if this is what you want.

More Clan Slots

This has been debated endlessly and involves merely adding more slots per player to be in additional clans, whether 6, 8, etc. An alternative would be having 4 slots with any "game-related duty" slots being over and above the regular 4, so as not to take any regular clan slots away. These additional "game-related" slots would, for example involve players who are guides, mods, LA Clan, staff, etc. Whether this would improve the game or not is open to debate and Admin have so far not addressed it either way.


Rogues In The Wastelands

Rogues aren't going in the Wastelands either. By leaving gangs, they vote out of weapons, extra experience, forums and the Wastelands. If you want to go in, join a gang. This ties into the above topic.

Exchange WL Turns/Regular Turns/Vice Versa

The 2 different types of turns were made for a specific reason, that is why they are separate.

Larger WL

Either by adding more quadrants to the current one or by adding more levels to the map, or more dimensions, etc. Thus far we have had 5 different WL Maps. Zorg will add more as required.

At War / Hated Status

Having this changed on a rotating basis, by gang negotiation, during phases of the moon or some other event that would trigger it. Admin says this is not about to come around.

Manipulation/Control/Custom Guard Movement

Doubtful this will be implemented. It has been rehashed several times, suggested in IC, turned down.

WL Alerts By Multiple Ranks

Zorg already stated what ranks he felt were able to access this feature and explained why.

Free Items In The WL

Zorg has already stated that getting free items of any value in the game will not occur.

Random Enemies In The WL

Coming across some monster, entity, miscellaneous armed persons, etc in the WL won't be happening for a long time, if ever. Having them drop some valuable reward if you defeat them is covered in the point above. We currently have sentries on some maps. This is the current extent of any type of NPC in the WL.

Vehicles, Tactical Mass Weapons, Etc.

Zooming around in a SUV, armored car, tank, any type of flying machine, using long-range missles or bombs or other types of mass-destruction weapons is not conceivable. The game is based on one-on-one player attacks not some type of mass weaponry.

WL Co-ordinates

Having the X and Y axis columns/rows numbered at the sides and top/bottom. Also having the co-ordinates pop-up when you hover over a square. Both good ideas, been suggested many times; now up to Admin if it will be added or not.

WL Hospital

Enlarge the WL hospital to sell all medications, so that it can replace the regular Hospital and the Market. This will not be happening and for good reason.

Wasteland Suicide

Some type of catastrophic WL attack which obviously completely removes your character from the WL. Collateral damage would include other players within a certain radius, buildings within a certain radius === either partial or total damage and/or any combination thereof. === This could be either a weapon/bomb of some type or a new ability. Whether used sparingly or on a regular basis.

Customizable WL Alerts

Being able to modify the existing alert and/or choose from a variety of WL alert commands. This could indicate things other than attacks; for example to help with a building, a square, etc, etc. Admin hasn't addressed the viability of this. this also includes color changeability.

Experience via Guards

Getting some exp. from killing the WL Guards. No lengthy explanation is even required as to how this would be constantly abused, even if the exp. was a minor fraction. Not happening!

Glancing Abilities

Have been suggested many times. When Zorg needs more glancing options he will ask for some.

Building Construction

Change the current line-up of which Gang Ranks can initiate building construction. This could involve giving players down to R9 the ability or making it that with lower rank, multiple players must have a concensus on what to do to about a building. Zorg assigned the ranks he did for a reason, he'll change it if needed.

Multiple Wastelands

Different Wastelands for different player levels. These could either be full-sized or a reduced size from the current version. The idea being to have a different wasteland for the lower level players. Whether they would be differentiated by levels of 10 or 25 or just a separate one for levels 1-10. It could either be just for training purposes in order to understand how the wasteland works or it could be an actual fighting area. We've also had ideas of a basement or attic type of WL addition, iow you climb a "ladder" of some type to get to a different WL level. Regardless of which version, highly doubtful this will be added.

WL AFK Enhancements

Have some type of notification, pop-up, message, logo, etc. visible either to all players or only to that player's gang members to advise that the player is AFK after no activity is detected for a certain period of time. This could be hard-coded or player selectable if they wish to use the feature. This 'feature' could Include any and all enhancements, options and configurations that could possibly be suggested.

Everyone Can Phase

Some method, whether 100% reliable or not, to allow players below L80 to phase in the WL. Zorg has said the WL is for Avs, therefore this will not be happening.

Bridge Over Troubled Water

Suggestion to be able to build bridges in the WL when there are rivers on the map. There are numerous things to be resolved before this could be done, but for now it is not in the to-do pile. Has been mentioned a number of times.

Winning Warrior Rewards

Some other type of "benefit" or prize/recognition or some other type of razzle-dazzle for the winning gang in the WL. Multiple things have been suggested and turned down as they would perhaps encourage gang hopping, if it was a tangible benefit to players. At this stage almost everything has been suggested from special clothing to gang theme music to fancy banners and on and on. Mentioned due to the enormous amount of times it has come up for discussion.

WL For Low Levels

We've had suggestions since Day One, of changes to the WL so that low level players can be on an equal footing in there with higher level players. This includes various ideas about changes to all types of aspects of the WL. One idea which keeps coming up is the idea of some restrictions against attacking low level players in the WL more than XX number of times per hour/day/etc. If the lowbies keep on healing in the WL, then they will keep on being fodder for the Avs to attack, it's that simple and NO changes are planned to that system. - Let me quote Zorg: "The WL is for Avs." That should answer it very succinctly.

Custom Phase Messages

Being able to choose your own message or picking from a 'game approved' list. Zorg has said he has no interest in adding these.

War Chatter

Several ideas have been given on improving the chat in the WL; for example, posting a single letter for a command vs. posting the entire word. It could also be adjusted so that the chat would recognize either the letter or the word, so that players would not have to retype the comment, should they type one or the other. Having player names show up in bold or various colours, to show for example their gang affiliation, or having various texts/words.phrases show up underlined/bold/or some other textual customizations have also been brought forward.

Character Appearance

More Character Designs

Clothes are being made all the time. We do not need suggestions for this. The Graphics Admins are working on them.

Equipping/Holding Your Gear

You can't have your character equipped with the weapons or armor you use. It takes too much work, and the weapons or armor would overlap current clothing and would not look correct.

Matrix Clothing

Not on the foreseeable horizon.


ALL suggestions, drawings, sketches, ideas, brainstorms or anything else related to clothing, gear, etc. suggestions are not allowed. Either: 1/ Go to the Main Forum ART THREAD or 2/ Contact the Graphics Admin about your idea/suggestion.

Outfit / Appearance Packs Or Collections

An enhancement to the Character Design section. Similar to the market you would have storage "slots" each of which would contain a pre-selected outfit, clothing, options, etc. This would allow you to quickly change from one appearance to another - allowing you to go from a street bum to a debonair, tuxedoed playboy in 5 seconds. The reasoning being that when you want to switch your "look" you don't need to rummage thru page after page of individual clothing items. You could have a number of these sitting there ready to be changed into as fast as Superman changes into Clark Kent. Interesting idea, posted here due to being mentioned several times already in one form or the other.

Makeover - Fat/Thin/Tall/Short

The little character pictures that are your in-game persona are within a fixed template. Any and all gear/clothing/weaponry and character size HAS to fit within that template. It would require a complete overhaul of ALL the graphics related to the character to change their current dimensions. Mentioned often, not on the current horizon


More Casino Games/Multiplayer Casino

If you would like a larger casino feature, there are many free casino websites on the net, Legacy is not one of them.

Have My Tokens, Buddy!

Being able to give/send your tokens to another player here. This is definitely an idea that would result in all manner of cheating here. Definitely not happening.


List/Transfer/Remove Multiple Items At Once

Has been discussed several times and an adjustment has been made to it. Any further changes require a ticket to Admin.


Hunting Inventory Slot

A lot of players don't bother to check their inventory before hunting, so they lose a drop if one is found. The idea behind this is to give a slot that will accept only a hunting drop. Alternatives include giving a choice of where to put the drop and then discarding the held item, having a special slot that you can enable/disable for this purpose, a pre-hunting warning that you have a full inventory, a magic slot that appears on demand only for a drop, being able to have a multiple choice to use/drop/swap the hunting drop, etc, etc.

Cheapskate Hunting

Some players have mentioned that hunting costs should be dropped by a significant percentage. This despite the fact that the game made major reductions in various expenses from what they used to be. One of the reasons cited is that there are not enough targets to gain exp. from, so cheaper hunting would allow them to level up quicker. The chances of this happening are slim to none.

Mad Cash For 0 Trade Hunting Gear

The idea is that you should be able to sell the hunting gear for a higher amount than the token 200c that the game gives you once an item has reached 0 trades. Granted, this would help players recover some of their spent funds; however it could end up causing some economic problems within the game if the payments were a significant amount that was paid out for them. The reasoning behind giving a small sum for the final resale of the gear to the game is that the gear is now unusable. An analogy was made which compared it to a pawnbroker buying some junk items which he would be stuck with forever and could never resell, thus he would want to limit his exposure. Admin have in the past indicated they don't want players having an easy time of raising funds here; it is supposed to be a struggle and longterm effort to gain money; thus this being changed is slim.

Other Game Mechanics

Extra Jobs

Why? This is unnecessary, there are the currently 3 plus 2 Av jobs.

Gladiator Fights, Av Battles/Fights/Arenas

This has been bandied back and forth for ages and phrased in various ways; including with and without wagering, staff involvement, 1 on 1, 5 vs 5, various lvls vs other lvls, groups of Avs in a free for all, and/or ANY and ALL variations, versions, combinations and permutations of the above. This would involve a lot of coding for something that perhaps a very few players would use. Give this a rest for a long time.

Modify Gear Stats

Either weapons or armor or both. WL gear/store gear/hunting gear. Zorg has made stat adjustments from time to time for various reasons, this does NOT need to be suggested anymore.


That follow you around and fight/give you stats and who knows what else. Zorg has said 'maybe'.

Bank Interest

Getting credits in exchange for doing absolutely nothing. Simply won't happen.

Leave Me Alone

You're happily fighting someone when suddenly some other player comes along and either hits you or the player you are fighting; causing you to lose exp. You want the fight to be exclusively 1 on 1, but this is not going to be changed, it's the game.

Double Exp. Weekends

Double Exp is just not going to happen, and for good reason, other than the infrequent special occasion.

Old Fighting System

Despite fond memories, the old single-click fight system for both PvP and NPC appears to be permanently gone.

Group Jobs/Clan Crime/Etc.

Too complicated to code/implement, not enough people would use it. This includes stuff like clan crimes, group jobs and anything along those lines.

More Credits

Zorg has said on several occasions, that there won't be ways for players to get more cash in the game, whether from extra turn payouts, selling points, etc, etc.

More Gear

Zorg will bring out more if/when needed.

Conversions Between & Into Points, Tokens, Exp, Etc.

This has been partially covered above in another point, but converting one item into a completely different item is not going to be done. This was covered several times in the past by Zorg.

Inventory Changes

Larger, expanded, multi-items, auto-notice if it is full, auto-drop item when another is found, and so on and on. Also includes special space to 'hold/store' things you wish to collect/keep for some reason.

Hospital Closure

The hospital closes twice per day, since 1/ Zorg has designed the game this way and has decided this is how he wants the game to operate, 2/ to encourage players to use the market to purchase additional supplies, 3/ to get players to plan ahead and get sufficient supplies for their own short term usage.

More Hourly Turns

We want there to be some challenge to the game, not have people get to Av in a month or less. When do we stop, once we get 400 turns per hour, and we run out do we then go 800, then 1600, then 3200, ad infinitum? Some common sense is required here to understand the principle.

Buying More Hourly Turns

There's no conceivable way Zorg would ever allow this, it ties in with the More Hourly Turns comment. Some fool would buy $1000 worth of subtime and hit Av in one week. Much as Zorg might appreciate this, the game is not designed for fast gratification; it is designed for long term play. This is not going to happen.

Loans / Credit

Loans, credit systems, auto-credit payments, auto-withdrawals, etc., REALLY not happening.

Increase Item Drop Rates

Several players have suggested increasing the drop rate by either easy or complicated formulas. Doubtful it will occur.

Stealing Credits

This used to be part of the game, where you could steal half of the credits a player had in his hand. Due to complaints this was eventually removed and the auto-banking system we now have was introduced. Chances of this reverting back are slim to none.

Auto-listing Items

Having items transfer directly from the hospital to your market stand for the selling price you wish it to be sold at. Admin have said that auto-transfers, multi-transfers, etc are something they have no interest in.

Modify The Bank

Introduce some type of multi-slot bank which has separate accounts for saving credits for different items. In other words: one account for gear, one for armor and so on ad finitum. This is absolutely not required as all credits can be saved in the bank already. Learn to budget your in-game credits to save up or you'll be in real trouble come adulthood.

Game Bank

A central bank wherein the game would loan out credits/tokens/plat/etc. to players based on their age and/or other criteria. The loans would be auto-repaid thru work deductions or some other arrangement. This idea would be nothing but a massive headache for admin, require constant supervision/surveillance against abuse and overall cause more issues than it would help. Players can go and work and save up their money/items just the same as everyone else, they do not require a loan to 'survive' here.

Character Restart/Reset/Remake

Being able to retain your old character and make a new L01 character as well. There would be no transfers allowed between the two characters. Alternately, scrap the old character and make a new L01 one to re-grind your way to L80. Keeping or not keeping original Av gear; keeping or not keeping abilities trained, keeping or not keeping work exp. and who knows what other possible permutations have come up and could be further suggested. Getting or not getting a banner for doing this and whatever other variants people could possibly come up with. Another option mentioned was "prestiging" whereby you reset yourself back to L01 each time you hit L80, it is recorded as a notable accomplishment, which then adds 'prestige' to your character. This is more or less a banner. There is almost an endless list of possible combinations, changes, resets which could be done with this option and I have had to edit for brevity and just mention some of the highlights as it would fill a complete page with the various options, schemes and setups which people have touched on. A new idea has been proposed, to be able to purchase your way via platinum aka bribe the game, to let you reset yourself to L01. Has been suggested a number of times, seems like a semi-reasonable idea, but Admin has expressed no interest.

Visible Stats

Some way to see another player's stats with ability, gear, etc. Zorg has said stats will remain private.

Quests: Avatar Or Other

Additional enhancements to gameplay; such as quests or adventures to : gather exp, gear, credits, ability or some other reward, etc. Whether standalone or interlinked one after the other. It would make the game have a different angle to approach and help to alleviate boredom as it would be something other than PvP, Hunting and WL. With only 1 person coding the game, it is not on the horizon right now.

Gear Trade Refill/Trade Restoration

Some method of "refilling" or adding trades back onto gear that has reached 0 trades either with credits, points or some other method. While there are some valid views on why this would be a good idea, Admin have nixed the idea.

Ability Reminder

A reminder/pop-up/notification/phrase in the Combat Log or elsewhere to advise on when an ability will finish training. This would allow you to plan ahead to be online to immediately start training another/next ability.

Massive Turns Storage

Have some type of ability, achievement, special enhancement to allow massive turns storage. Zorg has said several times, that the game is designed for daily login to: work, fight, WL, PvP, etc. He doesn't want players saving up a week's worth of turns; login on Saturday to burn thm all off and then leave for another week before showing up to repeat the process. Players can save up 6000 turns or 7500 if subbed. No change in this arrangement is foreseen.


This is Legacy, we use armor and weapons to battle with, there is NO magic here. If you want magic, disappear and play another game.

Total Healing With One Medical Item

This idea proposes that you could use your Revive or another Med and it would completely heal your HP 100%, the way the Hospital does. This would not be workable as different players would have to pay a differing amount for their medical item. If the player changed their HP, then what would they do with this Healing Med? Also it would be not be able to be sold in the Market as it would be personalized to your HP. Not a viable idea.


This idea would involve the hospital auto-reviving you once you bought a revive, rather than having to use it from your inventory. This is somewhat tied into the Total Healing With One Medical Item above. You can already have the hospital heal you completely by paying for it. The partial healing/reviving has the extra step added as you are not getting a full heal. The idea being: a hospital wouldn't just partially or "kind of" heal you, they would do it properly to 100%. However if you are at home, you can use your own meds and bandages to futz around and patch yourself up a bit. The game was setup specifically like this due to the above explanation.

Gear Damage

This proposes that armor and/or weapons take damage during fights. This would require the owner to take the item in for repair from time to time as well as making several categories of weapons being either 0,1,2,3 trades and then having various % of damage. This would affect the market pricing depending on what condition the piece was in and buyers would have to check on the item condition prior to buying, in case it was being sold at less than 100% condition. Added to DtD due to being brought up so many times in the forum.

What Item Was Lost?

This idea was to have the fight screen roll ahead and show the player what 'prize' they just lost out on getting from the fight they had with the NPC; either due to their inventory being full or that they lost the fight. This will NOT be considered due to the side effects it would have on players. Let me quote a relevant comment from Zorg here: "Frustration comes from events outside of a players control, complexity, having to remember things, etc. A suggestion should not have the potential to frustrate players." There is also a physical restriction in the game dbase, as it doesn't advance to that screen anyway, per Zorg: "If you don't have the inventory space it never actually rolls to see what item you got for that exact reason, it would only frustrate people."

Customized Weaponry

This could technically be included under the customized clothing post on Page 3, however so there is no misunderstanding, it will be a separate comment. There is a spot in the Off Plane area called: Chambers of Fire : Item Crafting. This was originally designed for the Avs to have an area where they could take their crystals and trade them in on a way to build/customize their weapons. Nothing else was ever setup for lower levels. This area was never completed and thus remains static and unfinished to this date other than there being a text heading there. Since then we have had several discussions about making your own custom weapons with parts that could be separately bought. Weapons that could be bought as stock and customized with additional parts. Weapons that you could name whatever you wish, even something completely nonsensical, thus you could have a weapon that shoots flaming death and be called Mother-In-Law. Weapons who's stats could be fluid and change during fights as needed, custom weapons descriptions and any and all other permutations, combinations and configurations having to do with non-stock weaponry.

I'm Lazy, AutoStore It

Suggestions to auto-store either bought or hunting items. The hunting aspect is already covered above. The part about auto-storing it in your stand as soon as you buy it has been suggested multiple times and Zorg has nixed it so as to prevent bulk buying and cleaning someone's stand out before anyone else has a chance to buy.


This was a specialized item given away on the game's 5th anniversary and was free to all players who clicked on the link on the Main page. It has been suggested to have these back as a bonus item, for various reasons. This will not be happening! Admin has said: "It won't happen because toolboxes are a rare item and they're staying like that because of the effect it has on items. It was a holiday treat not an everyday Item."

Platinum/Credits Exchange & Market/Pricing System

Credits are used for some aspects of the game and Platinum for others. The various ideas presented have been to allow complete interchangeability of the two currencies. The problem which has been shown over and over again is that there is no official Platinum to Credit exchange rate; therefore by paying with Platinum, you may well be paying more than what the same item costs in Credits. Looking on the market, Platinum has varied wildly in price depending on the market supply and/or the seller's greed at the time. The various items have been priced with the single currency exactly for this reason and Admin have expressed no desire to regulate the currencies and establish a set 'official' exchange rate. Also, there will not be any Admin/game interference or moderation of the currency pricing. The price of Platinum ebbs and flows with the current supply and demand for it. This is an open market which uses a free price system not a regulated market.

Ability Selection

Suggestions for various ways to have the Ability Selection List modified; so that any abilities which have been fully trained are no longer an active link in the Selection List. The completed abilities could be greyed out, removed, disabled and/or other means to accomplish this change/update. Added due to being suggested several times.

Multi-Attacks Per Day

Suggestions have been posted about having the ability to attack another player multiple times per day vs. the once per day which is the game setting. Ideas have been posted to allow this to happen every 1,2,3,4,6,8,12 hours or some other time period. The game is designed for LONG TERM play, Zorg has said that several times. Also it could lead to players 'farming' experience or all kinds of other situations that have not been looked into at this stage. Posted due to multiple suggestions having been made, plus the fact it seems doubtful something like this would be made based on Admin's pov.

Not Logged In = No Gear

The idea with this, is that once a person exceeds a certain amount of time without logging into the game, their gear would be removed and somehow given to other players; whether for free, an auction, a set price, etc. This could be accomplished thru staff intervention or a simple market resale or some other method. Players have their own reasons for not logging in, it could be as simple as being done with the game right up to the player being on a deployment for work or the armed forces. This will NEVER happen, the game is not going to steal a player's gear merely due to them not having logged into the game for a certain number of days.


SC Changes

Customized SC, gang SC, colored SC, selectable SC, multiple selectable or custom tabs and/or various other incarnations and permutations of SC. If Zorg wants to add it he will. Only Staff, Moderators and Guides have coloured names to aid players in identifying and contacting them if necessary. For anything other than basic SC, there is the Online Chat which allows more customization and configuration for players.

Coloured Side Chat Names

This has been done to indicate Mods, Guides and Staff.

More Mail Space

Mail storage has been increased significantly, 50 should be sufficient. Delete some of your "treasured" PMs.

Eliminating Forum Post Count

Is there really any value to having post counts? It has been seen in the past to encourage spam posting. This is a very good suggestion, which Admin may consider someday, right now all we can do is wait or send a ticket in.

Spam Forum

Bring back the Spam forum. There is absolutely no reason to have this, after all it's SPAM. There are places all over you can go and fritter away electrons posting Spam. Zorg has said this is NOT one of those places. Post something worthwhile or don't post at all, it's not that difficult of a choice.

Post Office/Mail/Inbox Enhancements or Improvements

Being able to BCC, CC mails to others, have read receipts, sent mail folder, specific folders for differing mails or individuals, modifiable folders, edit abilities, sent and deletion folders, ability to hold a mail that can't be sent as the recipient has a full Inbox and can then be auto-sent when space is available, send coloured mails, mails with pictures, mails with songs and all kinds of attachments, over ride the full Inbox; and all other manner of enhanced and razzle-dazzle mail features. In other words our own Gmail+ here in the game. We've had ALL manner of things proposed, discussed, suggested and debated. Also, some notification of some sort; either a log comment, or logon message or pop-up or notification at the side of the game or anything/something else to advise if the Inbox is full. ANY and ALL other Mail ideas/updates/changes/enhancements/etc./etc. of any and all kinds having anything whatsoever to do with ANY Mail aspect are also covered/included/alluded to/suggested and so on under this section. We need NO other discussion topics having anything to do with the Mail/Inbox! (You can download your messages in text format on your computer or save them in the in-game Notepad or in a textual software program on your system, if you are running out of space on a continuous basis.) If Admin want to add something after all this time I am quite sure they'll work on it. As the game is the main focus here, not the Post Office; the features will probably not be extended much beyond what they currently are.


No one cares if your feeling happy, sad, hyper or suicidal. We have enough emoticons in the game. Zorg will post when he needs more but until then we are fine with the ones we have.

WL & SC Flood Filter

These are currently "connected". Suggestion to separate them has been made many times.

Forum Thread Alerts/Subscriptions

Ability to select and de-select which forum threads you wish to have listed in a 'subscription' list or something similar. You would be notified only about those forum threads which you subscribe to or select when new posts have been made in them. This would be used across the entire forum range:Gang, Public and Private. The selection criteria would depend on your choices. Seems reasonable; Admin will have to decide on this.

Skype/Ventrillo-type chatting within Legacy

Not happening. It would use too much server storage space and create horrible lag. Use PMs or download Skype/Ventrillo/etc. and talk there or use MSN.

Customized SC Blocking/Filtering

This is an expansion of the Customizing SC, in that you could toggle off specific players, from whom you do not wish to read posted comments. This idea certainly has merit, as we get all kinds of 'geniuses' and goofballs posting tripe and trash in SC which no one wants to bother viewing. This would then be similar to how IRC works, where you can ignore specific individuals. However Admin have stated that SC is fully public and there is no change being considered to that. We have staff watching SC for major infractions and the game has built-in filters to block offensive terms, so players will have to accept this setup.

Forum Enhancements

A VERY large variety of forum options/addons/upgrades/changes have been suggested over time: From the player's side: These include votes on posts, grading posts, forum surveys, text coloration, various animations, G-code, thread notifications, quicker access to the pages in the thread, ability to choose a specific page within a thread to jump to on the multi-page threads, better/wider search functions, multiple quotes, etc. Multiple other forum addons and changes to make the forum faster to read/access and also to enhance the forum appearance and usability. From the mod's side: Better and more abilities to edit, delete, move and manipulate posts and threads in a much more efficient manner than the current method. Having quicker tools and/or changes to the current tools that mods have when working in the forums. The DtD thread wouldn't be able to go over the various forum suggestions that have been made, they are that numerous. Suffice to say, this post relates to ALL of them. Some suggestions seem to be a great idea, others not so great. Admin will have the final word on implementing any of these.

Removal Of The Ability Thread

You honestly think Zorg will read 200 separate ability threads in Suggestions? Your best bet is to confine them to one thread for ease of location. If people aren't commenting on your post, don't blame the forum layout, blame the lazy people who don't bother to open/post in the thread OR blame your topic as it is of no interest. Suggested several times now.

Blinded By The Blight

Filtering, censoring, screening or selective blocking of SC. The ability to selectively block certain individual(s) when they are on SC. The idea may have some merit, there are some people who can really be grating, so being able to remove them from your SC view may be nice. However, Admin have said to either ignore SC comments or toggle SC off in your Template Control. It was also noted that if you blocked certain people in SC the conversations you would see would be somewhat skewed and/or strange.

Flooding Of Chat

Having the SC and WL chat not fill up so fast with the flood filter. Suggestions have been divided between two choices: either increase the number of slots before the flood filter blocks further posts from both chats; or separate the two chats into individual processes, each with its own flood filter. Suggested several times, thus its inclusion in DtD.

Remote Searching

The idea that you would be able to search for attackable players in the Hive while you are in the WL or vice versa. Not happening, as these 2 locations are completely spaced apart and there is no possible way that you would be able to search the other location from where you currently are. If you want to fight, go to that area and do a search!

Additional SC Filters

People from time to time suggest various additional filters to block out offensive words from side chat. Anything to do with filters goes directly to Scott, so contact him and don't make a thread about them. Also, you could always think before using your potty mouth and then we wouldn't need more filters in side chat.

Game Systems

Any/All Arcade Suggestions

There are millions of flash game sites, Legacy isn't one of them.

More Badges/Banners/Achievments

Zorg has already said that more badges/banners are not on the horizon at the present time. More will be added as needed.

Player Profiles

The Player Profile is designed to give basic and game-related information only. This is NOT a social networking site and Player Profiles won't be modified to a social format. If you want that, then go to Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and other sites which cater to that.

Enforce Taking The Tour

Various legitimate suggestions have been proposed to eliminate the ridiculous SC questions such as 'How do I play this game?', because people are either to lazy or too dumb to properly take the Game Tour. Suggestions have included a time delay per page loading, a bonus if the tour is taken, a quiz afterwards to ensure the tour was taken, etc. Implementation is uncertain.


Some type of in-game pop-up (or other) notification that it is time for you to perform a certain task. This could be to hunt a special NPC, train an ability, etc. Seems reasonable; Admin will have to decide on this.

Top Ten Prizes

Some type of reward, favor, etc for coming in on the weekly top ten list, given out by the game vs. a gang reward. That's why we have gangs, check with them for rewards.

Additional Awards/Prizes/Lists

The Top Ten Lists we currently have at present are sufficient for the time being. Admin will consider adding more if they are required.

Confirmation Screens

Add a confirmation screen to all aspects of the game. Either for removal, addition or changes to any and all actions that you could possibly take in the game; including but not limited to gear, forums, market, shops, etc. Zorg in the past was not that amenable to adding all of these confirmation screens, however that may change as the game is overhauled. It's a very valid idea and is only listed due to it being suggested so often.

Additional Profile Statistics

Adding the stats for your best daily/weekly/monthly/yearly performance in any and all aspects of the game. This ranges from number of fights to amount of exp. to number of forum posts made and so on and so on. Soon we'd be drowning in stats, most of which would be of little to no use. Suggested several times, time for it to be put to rest.

Combat Log Enhancements

Numerous suggestions have had multiple appearances in the Suggestion Forum for changes to the Combat Log. These include, but are not limited to: -Exact forum and thread postings -WL messages of various types, including sent messages -Mailbox notifications, with or without importance tags; with or without sender names, etc. -Popups of various notification types -Achievement training intervals and countdowns -Specific thread subscriptions -Various types of quotations -Having clickable links in the log: name, website, thread, etc. -Plus a endless multitude of other ideas for enhancement/improvement. Right now Zorg has set his sights on other things to modify here, so these are listed as DtD only due to having been mentioned so often.

Favour/Disfavour Viewing

Since the favour/disfavour system is considered confidential information between the person and staff; there will be nothing implemented where you can click a link to see a public record of what the back history of the favour/disfavour is.

Freebies, Bonuses, Random Surprises

By now everyone should know Zorg's stand against getting something for nothing, so that fact alone will put the 'not happening' into these ideas. We've had various ideas on getting some kind of bonus while working, fighting or just sitting on our fat rear end here and the chances they all have of being considered can be summed up with the pov that Zorg has expressed: "Not happening!"

Cash For Tokens

The idea was suggested that players should be able to sell their tokens, which they win, back to the game for credits. This is partially covered under the other exchange/conversion topic in this thread. However, this specific exchange idea has been turned down by Admin, thus not happening.

Wave The Flag

Being able to store a number of different flags on-site, that could be selected and changed as the player wanted vs. being stuck with just one flag under the current system. Being able to upload a simple bitmap for your flag vs. drawing the flags pixel-by-pixel has also been brought forth. We've also had some other suggestions on how to draw the flag that would not require the current pixel system in order to draw them. There have also been some other minor and major flag suggestions and changes to how the flag system works. These have been mentioned so often that they are only being added to DtD due to that aspect. It's Admin's call if they will upgrade the flag area at some point.

Play The Music

Over time several suggestions have been made to recode the game so as to remove all the profile midis. Another idea has been to substitute mp3 files in their place. Right now players have the ability to disable midis on all profiles if they wish, an option which has worked reasonably well for the past 7+ years. Admin have stated that they would not entertain using mp3 files in place of the midi files due to game lag. It has been listed due to being suggested so often.


IQ Test Prior To Playing The Game

This or something similar should probably be instituted to sift some of the absolute goofballs out of the sign-up process, so as to spare veteran players some mental anguish. Unfortunately Admin haven't considered this as of yet.

Player/Staff Position

This position would be some players who were granted EXTREMELY LIMITED staff powers for either the forums or SC and/or both. The reasoning being that since full-time staff are unable to be online 24/7, when some spammer/idiot came on and hijacked SC or spammed up the forums with multiple posts; the Player/Staff person could temporarily either ban or restrict their access to those two areas of the game for a brief period of a few hours until full-time staff came online to review the situation. This system would be under the supervision of the full-time staff so as to prevent any possible abuse. This topic has been debated, discussed and completely laid out in full as to how it would work and how to ensure there would be no abuse of the system. However, due to idiots in the past who abused their access to staff powers, Zorg is against this system being implemented despite it being something which would help keep spammers under tighter control in the game

Customizable Timezones

The ability to change the displayed time in SC, Main Chat, Server Time and any other game area to whatever timezone you live in or prefer to use as a display time. The server serves as the official game time here. This is to provide a unified platform for everyone to use as a time reference. If everyone set the time on the game site to whatever they wish, there would be mass confusion as to when something is taking place. It would be ridiculously complicated to try and schedule something if everyone just used whatever timezone they prefer. The main server time is here for a reason, this idea will not be entertained.

Move the Logout Button

Zorg has already redone the game layout and specifically isolated it on the far right side of the game template to prevent these 'accidental clicks'. You have ALL kinds of template choices, leave the Sectors at the bottom of the page where they have always been and take your time when you click. Don't specifically put another button right near the Logout.

Legacy Mobile Phone App

Zorg has said he MAY look into this in the future, however there isn't much he could differentiate from the current game. Suggested multiple time now.


Various suggestions have been submitted about doing something on Facebook. Zorg has declined all of these, as he would rather work on the game than start doing things on Facebook.


We have had several suggestions that people's profile picture would be changed to some type of frog picture if they lost a competition, the WL quarterly standing and several other ideas and/or events wherein the person came in last somehow. The frog picture is reserved for displaying that the person has been disfavoured and will NOT be used for any other purpose.

Game Lag

The game website has a tendency to 'lag', in other words the website pages take a long time to (re)load. Admin has in the past told players to flush their browser cache, delete their browser cookies, reboot their computer, reboot/reset their Internet modem, etc., etc.; none of which have had any significant effect in reducing/eliminating this lag. This lag issue is not constant and seems to affect different players in varying geographical regions at varying times and also varies as to how slow it causes this website's pages to load. This lag seems to affect ONLY this website and no other website on the Internet, when players experience this problem. We have had long, detailed discussions in the Forums about this problem over several years and the consensus as to what specifically it can be that is causing this lag, came down to one common factor : this website and its hardware. At this point, there is nothing a player can do to resolve this problem, other than trying the actions mentioned in the second sentence of this topic. Until Admin address this problem with either faster hardware, a faster Internet connection or possibly updating the game software code, or perhaps all three of these factors, players will have to put up with the problem This topic was added due to having been suggested so often.