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The Creators Blog is written by Zorg, Will, Lynx, Bongo, rollin340, Aldo, and Wolf. Offering news about upcoming updates, bug fixes, and other related (and sometimes unrelated) topics. It can be found under Quick Data on the Main Page.


Clicking on the 'View' button will bring you to a page showing the latest blog entries, which will either contain Game News or Real Life news. These blogs are posted somewhat randomly; sometimes two are posted in one day, and other times days will pass between blog postings.

The bar below the content of the blog shows the number of unique views it has received and also displays the number of comments that players have made on it. Clicking the 'Show' button will show the comments, which then allows you to post a comment of your own.

Located at the very bottom of the page are the Game updates and buttons that allow you to navigate through the pages containing past blog entries.

Image of the blog logo

Updated When:
Whenever something needs to be posted

Who posts them:
Zorg, Will, Lynx, Bongo, rollin340 and Aldo